ECE, also commonly known as Early Contractor Involvement, is a streamlined approach that reflects the collective expertise of the Schiavello Group, giving you the best of our diverse vertically integrated property service offering.

It allows you to draw maximum value from our property, construction, consulting and manufacturing services to ensure the best possible project outcome.

  • Accountable: A fully accountable service for our clients, where we offer a holistic solution from conception to completion, utilising a single point of contact;
  • Adaptable: A flexible model rather than a one size fits all approach; completely adaptable to your needs, whether standalone or integrated with your existing partnerships;
  • Strategic: A strategic approach to project delivery that captures the key drivers from an aspirational, functional, operational and budgetary perspective;
  • Transparent: A transparent delivery model which emphasises collaboration, governance and due diligence; and
  • Certain: A trusted partnership that mitigates the traditional risks associated with time, cost, safety and reputation and gives you certainty. Through Schiavello’s ECE model we give our clients certainty through a trusted partnership, and we bring the 5 core principles to our clients and their projects:

Talk to us today about how we can add strategic insight into your next property project and about our key ECE services:

• Innovative Solution Development
• Complex Construction Consulting
• Cost Management
• Business Continuity + Risk Mitigation
• Procurement + Planning
• Value Engineering