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Inspired by the true value of design, Schiavello embraces design-led innovation across every facet of our organisation.

At Schiavello, we are passionate about design and striking just the right balance between creativity and functionality to meet the exacting values of our clientele.

We believe design makes a powerful contribution to the future direction of our business through the application of design thinking, which offers alternative and lateral interpretations of every decision we make.

Whether it’s product, construction, property or food, design thinking helps us identify new market opportunities, develop new product and processes, interpret challenges and inspire new solutions.

Oliver Field- Knowledge Leader- Design Strategy


Keti Malkoski– Workplace Research Psychologist

Schiavello Research Hub Oliver Field & Keti Malkoski

Research & Design

The Schiavello Research Hub houses some of Australia’s most talented and creative designers, and engineers, working together with thought leaders in workplace psychology, sustainability and emerging technologies. We collaborate with premier design talent from around the world to ensure we are at the forefront of global trends and innovation.

Ensuring we are always ahead of the curve, we undertake wide and varied research at home and abroad. Our research ranges from theoretical explorations into human behaviour, user-centred design, and participatory design, to research into new materials and processes – all of which we integrate into our developments, technologies and knowledge base.

We collaborate with a diverse range of highly regarded international and local designers from multidisciplinary backgrounds to design world-class solutions.

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Giulio Ridolfo

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of disciplines including photography, art and fashion, Giulio worked with Schiavello designers to conceive vibrant palettes for Schiavello products.

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A luminary in the world of textile and colour design Giulio Ridolfo

Schiavello head office,Tullamarine

A large scale Mari Funaki sculpture now flanks the entrance of Schiavello’s Tullamarine headquarters, showcasing the ‘insect like’ work that encompasses the geometric perfection and allusiveness of Funaki’s work.

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Mari Funaki sculpture Schiavello head office,Tullamarine

Design Projects

We understand that design outcomes are not always instigated directly by internal research and development; it’s also about what comes to us in a thought or through collaboration. That’s why we continue to participate in programs which challenge our creativity and imagination.

We push boundaries and follow our curiosity by working within the design community on projects like Chasing Kitsune, the Urban Coffee Farm at the 2013 Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, and the creation of the striking, full-scale Mari Funaki sculpture that now welcomes guests to Schiavello HQ.

It’s these projects and more that continue to play a significant role in our pursuit of ideas and design.

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

Schiavello’s Construction division was pleased to take on the unique task of building the bespoke structure;  a concept, designed and developed by HASSELL  for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

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Schiavello Partners with HASSELL to Create Caffeine Hit Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

Idea Design Chasing Kitsune

HASSELL had Melburnians hunting for the Japanese food truck “Chasing Kitsune” for the 2011 State of Design Festival.

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Schiavello co-ordinates Chasing Kitsune in partnership with HASSELL Chasing Kitsune

Chasing Kitsune

Schiavello congratulates HASSELL for developing this imaginative concept and is honoured to have been a partner.

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HASSELL and Schiavello win Best Temporary Design at Eat-Drink-Design Awards for Chasing Kitsune Chasing Kitsune

Emergency Shelter Exhibition

The Schiavello design and engineering team worked closely with Geyer to develop their concept, WRAPPED, for the exhibition.

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"WRAPPED" - Geyer Emergency Shelter Exhibition

Idea Design Light Shed

What started out as a line drawing from the design team at HASSELL was taken by Schiavello and manufactured and constructed in only one week.

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Schiavello and HASSELL collaborate on Shed Light exhibition Light Shed