Schiavello publication, The Power of Workspace for People and Business, has received significant coverage from Office Concept magazine. The article highlights insight from the book that co-author, Schiavello Principal – People and Culture, Keti Malkoski, presented at the Singapore Indesign Intimate 2015 discussion, ‘Work Life: The Culture of Workplace Strategy’.

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The magazine also published a detailed case study on Schiavello’s furniture solutions at the LinkedIn Asia Pacific headquarters. The piece showcases the diversity of the Schiavello range and ability to support a myriad of work settings.

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The Humanscale Global Roadshow hit Melbourne on October 21 showcasing the company’s latest innovations, inspirations and ideas.

Celebrating a distinct New York City vibe at Smart Artz Gallery in South Melbourne, guests enjoyed an all American menu of tacos, burgers, New York cheesecake and signature ‘Big Apple’ martinis, before being entertained by a hip-hop and break-dancing flash mob.

Yet to be seen in Australia, guests were treated to a sneak peek of Humanscale’s latest seating products Ballo and Trea, which will available in Australia next year through Schiavello.


Schiavello and Humanscale were pleased to return Professor Alan Hedge to Australian shores in May to share invaluable insights in ergonomics.

Hedge’s presentations at Schiavello have always received overwhelming response from our clients, including designers, architects and corporate leaders alike. This time round, Schiavello clients in Canberra, Perth and Adelaide were invited to hear the world renowned ergonomics expert discuss the magnified importance of ergonomics in ever increasing flexible and shared working environments.


FRAME, a leading international interior design publication, features Krossi at the new Facebook Singapore office in their ‘Reports: Offices’ section. The archetypal creative giant Facebook, turned to Schiavello for a flexible solution to their funky yet functional office.

Anton Schiavello, Director of Schiavello Singapore, is quoted; “Krossi is an electric height-adjustable desk, designed to offer ample weight capacity as well as fast, smooth operation. It also fulfils the strict design criteria we were given.”

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Schiavello and Humanscale recently hosted ‘Economics of Ergonomics: Maximising Diverse and Agile Workplaces’ – an evening with one of the world’s foremost experts in workplace ergonomics, Professor Alan Hedge.

Indesign Live shares a recap of the event, and video addressing the importance of proactive ergonomic programs in today’s modern workplace.

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Representing the latest in a series of international events, last week Schiavello and Humanscale brought Professor Alan Hedge, PhD, CPE, back to Australia to present Economics of Ergonomics: Maximising Diverse and Agile Workplaces. As Director of Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory at Cornell University, Hedge is one of the world’s foremost experts in ergonomics.

Designers, architects, ergonomists, media, and corporate leaders joined us at Schiavello’s Melbourne and Sydney Showrooms to hear the latest insights from Alan Hedge on why ergonomic designs are essential to a productive office.


World leading ergonomist, Professor Alan Hedge speaks to DQ about designing for productivity, and the impact of workplace health and wellbeing on worker productivity. The story preempts Hedge’s recent visit to Australia to speak at Schiavello and Humanscale’s latest ergonomic forum, “The Economics of Ergonomics: Maximising diverse and agile workplaces.”

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On Friday 27 June, Schiavello and Humanscale presented Resilient X Workplace, a discussion forum designed to address the many ways in which the modern workplace environment can be ergonomically designed to promote resilience and foster health. Held at the National Design Centre in Singapore, it was a unique, insightful evening that brought together leading minds from a range of disciplines: ergonomic design, workplace strategy, workplace health, interior design and interior architecture.

The event focused on three key areas: Ergonomic Design – how ergonomic design can support new ways of working to promote physical and psychological health; Needs of multi-generational workers – how this relates to designing workplaces and new ways of working; and Employee health – how current empirical research on workplace ergonomic design factors can promote resilience and foster health in the workplace.


Thanks to everyone who joined us last week for our ‘Design for Productivity’ events around Australia, presented by leading ergonomics expert, Professor Alan Hedge.

Alan Hedge, Director of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory at Cornell University in New York, joined Schiavello and Humanscale for a series of talks designed to share insights with the Australian workplace community about the latest research in the field of ergonomics, and the relationship between ergonomic products, programs, design and office productivity.

We’d like to share a recap of the discussion, video and photos from the Melbourne event for those who were unable to attend.


Schiavello and Humanscale are pleased to invite you to ‘Design for Productivity’ – a presentation that will explore the measurable impact of workplace design and ergonomics on productivity, and the latest design trends from sit/stand solutions to flexible working environments.


Indesign Live Asia

Schiavello Singapore hosted an informative and engaging lighting presentation titled LUX. Conducted by Shane Cohen, Humanscale’s Global Director of Lighting, the presentation focused on strategies for improving lighting performance while reducing energy costs. Indesign Live Asia has the story.

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Today we pay homage to Niels Diffrient, renowned industrial designer and Humanscale partner for over 16 years, who passed away Saturday morning. Diffrient, designer of the Freedom and Liberty chairs, believed in the importance of putting function first, simplicity and maintaining very high standards, a legacy that will live on through his designs, and through the profound contribution he made to the design community.

Fast Co. Design looks back at his life and achievements.

Office Lighting 101 is an educational presentation on improving lighting performance in your office while reducing energy costs.

Participants will learn about task-ambient lighting solutions and their impact  on employee health and productivity, as well as energy use. The presentation compares bulb efficiency, light quality, and the varying lighting requirements for different tasks and users.

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Schiavello staff were joined by their clients architects, designers and ergonomists alike to hear about the emerging discipline of Green Ergonomics; the integration of sustainable design to enhance human performance, productivity, health and well-being.

Prof. Alan Hedge, the professor of Ergonomics in the department of Design & Environmental Analysis, Cornell University (USA) discussed the importance of Green Ergonomics and how it is starting to revolutionize green buildings. Focusing on LEED projects in USA, possible developments in Green Ergonomics were spoken about and how these same requirements could readily be integrated into any green building rating and certification system.

Future expansion of the role of ergonomics in sustainable design was considered with a lot of interest by the audience into Alan’s view on the next steps for Australia.

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