Schiavello’s Climate Workspace Planner, Nick Tennant, has talked to writer Sue Williams at, about features companies are employing in the workplace to allure top talent. From sit-stand workstations, to yoga and inter-tenancy stairs, Tennant notes how the trends are responding to an increased focus on three key areas: health and wellbeing, work setting diversity and non-traditional interior design aesthetics.

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The 2015 Design Circus, sponsored by Schiavello, proved to be a hit amongst Perth’s design community in early December. Focused on inspiring a culture of design in Western Australia, the event drew more than 3000 visitors to the State Theatre over three days.

Headline act, internationally acclaimed design duo Doshi Levien, mesmerised audiences in their sold out session, ‘Doshi Levien: A Conversation’. Both Nipa and Jonathan candidly discussed their design processes and experiences including their collaboration with Schiavello for the OTM and Parley tables.

“The Design Circus was a perfect platform to showcase our collaboration with Doshi Levien and the duo captivated audiences with their awe inspiring stories and insight,” says Schiavello Sales Consultant, Jodie Priestly.


Schiavello publication, The Power of Workspace for People and Business, has received significant coverage from Office Concept magazine. The article highlights insight from the book that co-author, Schiavello Principal – People and Culture, Keti Malkoski, presented at the Singapore Indesign Intimate 2015 discussion, ‘Work Life: The Culture of Workplace Strategy’.

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The magazine also published a detailed case study on Schiavello’s furniture solutions at the LinkedIn Asia Pacific headquarters. The piece showcases the diversity of the Schiavello range and ability to support a myriad of work settings.

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Prima Tower has been featured as a case study in support of a White Paper on multi-residential buildings by architect and heritage consultant, Anne Warr. Published in the latest residential themed issue of Indesign, the comprehensive case study by Alice Blackwood details how the Schiavello & PDG development has redefined luxury apartment living through innovative design, first-class amenities and quality finishes.

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Schiavello has made multiple appearances in issue 59 of DQ Magazine, starting with sponsorship of the front cover. The artwork which was designed collaboratively between Schiavello and the DQ editorial team reflects the concept behind Schiavello’s Focus collection. Featuring an individual walking away from the crowd, the artwork highlights the importance of breaking the moulds of open-plan models.

In the related feature article ‘Freedom to Focus’, Editor Sophia Watson notes how Schiavello is challenging open-plan environments by empowering users and providing them with refuge through the collection of soft barriers and booths.

Kayt Cabana also received product coverage in a spread on pastel colours, while Krossi appeared in a piece on geometric furniture.  The Baker IDI ‘On Your Feet Australia Day’ event that Schiavello sponsored was also noted as one of the top six initiatives of the past quarter.

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Schiavello was proud to host an evening with winning designers from the 2015 Australian Interior Design Awards (AIDA) at the Sydney showroom in October.

The sold-out event ran by the Design Institute of Australia offered rare insight into three inspiring AIDA winning projects deemed to be of the utmost quality and innovation in the areas of hospitality, residential and workplace design.


The future of retirement living and aged care in Australia looks bright according to recent research by Deloitte, which indicates that baby boomers will have excess retirement funds on a scale never before seen in Australia.

This extra money will be necessary to fund their aspirational retirement goals; according to current lifestyle trends, baby boomers have very ambitious expectations of their retirement years as compared with previous generations. Think luxury, resort style retirement – this will be one of the key drivers for moving baby boomers out of their family homes and into retirement housing.


Focused on inspiring a culture of design in Western Australia, the event aims to educate visitors through interactive workshops with world-renowned designers and fun exhibits from leading brands including Schiavello.

“In a unique way the Design Circus seamlessly unites everything on offer – be it exhibits, products, and workshops – they all come together in harmony, which you don’t often see at traditional trade shows,” says Schiavello Sales Consultant, Jodie Priestly. For the second year Mobilia will host the event bringing on board much loved curator Pepe Garcia (Valencia, Spain). Also joining from Barcelona will be special guests, ceramicist and designer Xavier Mañosa from Apparatu, and Co-founder and editor of Santa and Cole, Nina Masó.


Schiavello Systems WA hosted an industry event on September 21 for Perth’s largest creative community, Guerrilla Creative. The presentation looked at Schiavello’s on-going research into effective workspace strategy, considerations for value-adding workspaces, and how Schiavello is responding through furniture and technology solutions.

Guerrilla Creative is a non-for-profit organisation on a quest to educate and make design an essential part of Perth’s culture. Gaining momentum amongst industry professionals, graduates and students, the group coordinates relevant industry-based events and workshops. These are held in conjunction with industry leaders and lecturers from Central TAFE and Billy Blue College of Design.

Schiavello has sponsored the latest issue of Indesign Magazine which focuses on the workplace. Together with a special edition strip cover and Kayt Village advertising, writer Marg Hearn has profiled the REA Group headquarters in Melbourne, which highlights various Schiavello products within the fit-out.

Schiavello Principal – People and Culture, Keti Malkoski, was also interviewed for Leanne Amodeo’s article on the drivers for creating better offices. Referencing the Schiavello publication The Power of Workplace for People & Business, the article demonstrates furniture flexibility through the Krossi sit-stand workstation.

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While exploring ‘Culture’ in Issue 58 of DQ Magazine, writer Leanne Amodeo touched base with Schiavello Principal – People and Culture, Keti Malkoski, for an article entitled ‘Come Together’.

In the piece which discusses the value of collaboration for businesses and what that brings to the greater design community culture, Amodeo references findings from The Power of Workspace for People & People which Malkoski co-authored.

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The Power of Workspace for People & Business Singapore book launch took place across two events in July.  Held in conjunction with Singapore Indesign Intimate at Singapore’s National Design Centre on July 9, co-author Keti Malkoski shared insights from the book with guests from the region’s design and the business community.

Singapore Indesign brings together the best of international and regional brands, in a unique trade show contextualised for the local market.

An exclusive lunch was also held on July 13 at the National Museum of Singapore’s Flutes Restaurant, where an intimate group of clients were invited to hear more in-depth conversation from Malkoski on transformational workspace psychology.

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Described as the only international design event that ‘feels boutique, bespoke and local’, Singapore Indesign Intimate 2015 brought together local and international designs and discussions to Asia across July 9-10.

Part of the two-day event saw Schiavello Principal – People and Culture, Keti Malkoski, participate in ‘Design Conversations’, where she joined a panel of industry leaders including Matthew Burke (Geyer), Susan Lim (HASSELL) and Michael Wiener (Gensler) for ‘Work Life: The Culture of Workplace Strategy’ discussion.


Schiavello and Humanscale were pleased to return Professor Alan Hedge to Australian shores in May to share invaluable insights in ergonomics.

Hedge’s presentations at Schiavello have always received overwhelming response from our clients, including designers, architects and corporate leaders alike. This time round, Schiavello clients in Canberra, Perth and Adelaide were invited to hear the world renowned ergonomics expert discuss the magnified importance of ergonomics in ever increasing flexible and shared working environments.


Paying tribute to the latest and greatest Green Star certified projects in the Queensland marketplace, Schiavello was at hand to toast the new PDT Architects tenancy fitout – one that successfully achieved the coveted 5-star Green Star Office Interiors v1.1 rating.

The project marked the second 5 Star Office Interiors project delivered by Schiavello Construction and Systems in the Queensland marketplace, solidifying Schiavello’s position as a business that showcases innovation and ingenuity ‘as built’.


What is the importance of incorporating employees’ experience into workplace design? That’s the question Schiavello’s Principal of People and Culture, Keti Malkoski, answered when discussing The Power of Workspace for People and Business with Indesign Live. The book, which Malkoski co-authored with environmental psychologist Dr. Jacqueline Vischer recently launched and is gaining significant attention. In this insightful Q&A Malkoski discusses topics raised in the book, including current trends, workplace culture and how to invest in the workspace to add value.

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