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In 2016, Kyle Vander Kuyp met Schiavello. Connected – first through opportunity and then by shared values – Kyle’s transition from former Olympian to Indigenous ambassador coincided with the beginning of Schiavello's journey of learning, discovery and reconciliation. Uniting to turn passion into action: Schiavello Ganbu was born.

Led by Kyle and 50% Indigenous-owned, Schiavello Ganbu is a registered Supply Nation business that combines Schiavello’s commercial furniture capabilities with a higher purpose to improve Indigenous participation and work towards reconciliation through employment, education, partnerships and cultural awareness.

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Youth Employment

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Youth Education

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Community Partnerships

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Cultural Awareness

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Ganbu means 'first' in the Woiwurrung language of the Wurundjeri Tribe

Indigenous Participation Program

The development of Schiavello Ganbu as a dedicated Indigenous business was one of the earliest outputs of Schiavello’s Indigenous Participation Program.

Providing an initial framework to the strategies and targets underpinning Schiavello’s reconciliation endeavours, the Indigenous Participation Program shaped goals across three key pillars of relationships, respect and opportunities.

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A message from Peter Schiavello, Managing Director of Schiavello Group:

"I am pleased to support our Indigenous Participation Program, which formally extends our existing Social Responsibility actions to include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

We're taking a proactive approach towards improving youth education and employment opportunities, whilst continuing to foster a culture of acceptance, and a workplace inclusive of all Australians."

Schiavello Ganbu's strategies and initiatives

Youth Employment

Successful transition of Indigenous youth from school to work is a priority focus for Schiavello Ganbu. Young people face many challenges as they transition and those challenges can increase the longer it takes. Through our long-standing Apprenticeship program, Schiavello understands the incredible value of building long-term employment relationships with young people. In 2017, we extended this program to include a greater focus on Indigenous intake on a continual basis. We continue our focus on Indigenous employment across all levels and specialisations across the business.

Learn about Apprentice Carpenter, Joey

Youth Education

Education is one of the most powerful tools in empowering young lives and we endeavour to support education in various ways. In 2019, we partnered with Western Australia’s Youth Australia League to provide a scholarship to an Indigenous student in need. Since, we have not only provided funds for a student annually, but built real, interpersonal relationships. Additionally, we provide furniture donations to schools, work experience opportunities and pre-apprentice programs.

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Community and Corporate Partnerships

Strong partnerships with local Indigenous organisations is essential to the impact of Schiavello Ganbu, underpinning each one of its initiatives. We collaborate with large scale corporates to put our combined weight behind meaningful change; build relationships with groups such as the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Inc., Aboriginal Affairs, Matchworks and Victorian Koori Court to support the Apprenticeship program; and create long-term partnerships with community groups and schools around Australia to donate furniture.

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Cultural Awareness

Respect for Indigenous people and culture is essential for growth in sustainable Indigenous participation across the Schiavello businesses and society at large. Led through Kyle's sincere approach to storytelling, Schiavello Ganbu strives to educate and empower our workforce with a deeper level of cultural awareness through internal information sessions, initiatives and celebrating events on the Indigenous calendar.

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