101 Chair

A clever blend of engineering and intuitive design, the 101 Chair employs molded fiberglass and wool felt fabric to take the idea of flowing, delicate ribbon-like movement introduced into a contoured seat. Designed for and celebrated at Melbourne's NGV, the 101 exudes sophistication and class and elevates every space it graces.


  • Statement chair made of molded fiberglass and wool felt.
  • 860W x 770D x 860H mm, view all Specifications.
  • Finalist in the Cicely and Colin Rigg Design Award.
  • A part of NGV's permeant collection.
  • Product of Australia.
  • 3 year warranty.
Product of Australia

6-8 weeks

A contemporary, artistic structure; a unique statement piece. Moulded fibreglass and wool felt combine to create a beckoning, twisting, one of a kind chair that is different from all angles.

101 Chair

In 2017, the 101 Chair was acquired by the National Gallery of Victoria as part of its permanent collection. It was also selected as a finalist in the Cicely and Colin Rigg Design Award.

101 Chair

A confluence of form and experience invites each individual who encounters the chair to indulge in their own responsiveness to its sculptural form. A refined and sophisticated design for commercial or home settings.

101 Chair

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Inspired by Australian-American artist Clement Meadmore's work, the 101 Chair was Helen Kontouris' initial foray into furniture design.Sculptural and unique, the chair encourages interaction, inviting you to move around it and explore its angles. It features a twisting form, defined negative space and a side profile that resembles a swan.

101 Chair square

Melbourne-based designer Helen Kontouris is an established pioneer in object and furniture design. Her work is often described as sculptural, while her products invite exploration and intimate engagement.

Helen took the 101 prototype to Salone del Mobile Milano, where Peter Schiavello saw it and immediately asked to develop it. This was no easy feat, however.

Designer Helen Kontouris 101 Chair