Wire Chair & Stool

Full of charm, the Wire collection by MAP is made up of two styles – the Chair and Stool. A nimble form and fine-lined profile make it an appealing accompaniment to a variety of tables. Suitable for both indoors or out and available in a range of colours.

Thanks to its minimal material composition, Wire Chair & Stool boasts a fine-lined profile, meaning that if you have a large number of them in a hospitality space, they aren’t visually dominant and heavy.

Wire Chair and Stool

Due to its wire composition, the Wire collection doesn’t hold water and will dry quickly upon getting wet, making it perfect for high-traffic, outdoor use. Alternatively, if it becomes hot, it’s not a big surface to sit upon, making it comfortable for hot climates. Seat pads are also available for extra comfort.

Wire Chair Yellow

The Wire collection is made of powder coated stainless steel, which is impervious to being knocked around and chipping. Extensive testing and trialling was conducted to ensure the wires were straight, the spacing was accurate, and quality material was selected. The result is a delicate and sturdy chair that is “almost like a drawing itself, just one that you can sit on,” designer Chris Connell describes.

Wire Chair


  • Steel, wire frame chair and stool for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Chair: 518W x 528D x 807H mm.
  • Stool: 521W x 511D x 957H mm, view all Specifications.
  • Optional padded seat for both sizes.
  • Wide range of colours in powder coat finish.
  • 3 year warranty.

8-12 weeks