Studio Storage

Studio by Bene is a workplace system for those who work, sleep and breathe design. With its minimalist design and smart functionality, the modular storage system allows teams to display or cover items and reconfigured as they please, while bringing aesthetic value to the space.

The Studio shelving system is not only perfect for storage and archiving, but also makes zoning or partitioning office space easy and stylish. Its modular construction offers flexible design, function and application. Whether at work, or at home, Studio shelving system’s modular elements are easy to set up, expand or reconfigure. It comes as a wall storage or sideboard, while smart connective elements make for simple handling and high durability, no matter how often the elements are moved orreassembled

Studio Storage black


  • Adaptable shelving system from Bene's Studio range.
  • 800w x 400D x 369-724H mm per cabinet, view all Specifications.
  • Available in low, mid or high sideboards.
  • Various shelves, drawers and compartments for customisation.
  • Designed and manufactured in Austria.
  • 10 year warranty.

8-12 weeks