Lean Storage

A beautiful, refined storage solution available in a short credenza or tall bookcase.

“In looking at books, they are usually resting on a perpendicular surface,” says designer Chris Connell. “And I started thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if they could rest on something that wasn’t digging into its nice cover?’” From this idea, Lean was born – a storage solution with diagonal side features that allow books to rest softly and flush against the edge of the structure. In addition, soft close hinges and drawers make for a gentler storage experience.

Lean Storage Shelf

From the initial idea came wider and narrower versions of Lean, and the ability to allow the products to stand-alone or in a group for increased storage. “It’s very modular and flexible,” says Chris. “So you can have it either side of a fireplace at home, or you can combine them together in the office. It’s very versatile.”

Lean Storage Collection

Comprised of painted MDF and powder coated aluminium, Lean is strong and durable – making it suitable for high-traffic environments such as education facilities, libraries and workplaces.

Lean Tall Storage Front

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