Geneva Table

Comprised of natural Oak, Geneva brings elements of earthiness and warmth to working, living and dining spaces.

Advanced engineering allows the table to reach a span of 2.4m with only four legs, all with minimum understructure. This is made possible through the development of a strong aluminium hollow core composite top that permits long spans without the need for additional support.

Geneva Table

With precise engineering and high quality workmanship, all of Geneva’s joints connect with perfection. Yet even in its simplicity, it makes a striking statement. Thanks to its clean aesthetic and honest material palette, Geneva sits at home in working, dining and learning environments.

Geneva Table Detail

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Timber Natural

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  • timber-natural-applied-finish-limewood Limewood
  • timber-natural-applied-finish-walnut-biancato Walnut Biancato
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  • Wash Blush Blush
  • Timber Wash Cement Grey Cement Grey
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  • timber-wash-fir-green Fir Green
  • timber-wash-gentian-blue Gentian Blue
  • timber-wash-grey-beige Grey Beige
  • timber-wash-obsidian-glass Obsidian Glass
  • timber-wash-orange-brown Orange Brown
  • timber-wash-oxide-red Oxide Red
  • timber-wash-pale-green Pale Green
  • timber-wash-parchment Parchment
  • timber-wash-ruby-red Ruby Red
  • timber-wash-signal-brown Signal Brown
  • timber-wash-silk-grey Silk Grey
  • timber-wash-steel-blue Steel Blue
  • timber-wash-stone-grey Stone Grey
  • timber-wash-strata Strata
  • timber-wash-sulfur-yellow Sulfur Yellow
  • timber-wash-traffic-red Traffic Red

“Our objective with this piece was to develop a timber based, contemporary table with a minimum-to-no understructure,” explains Peter Schiavello. “It was an exercise in seeing how far we could push the boundaries.”

Developed in 2007 from an aluminium hollow core composite top, Geneva is able to span up to 2.4m with only four legs and with no understructure. Embracing advanced engineering and craftsmanship, the refined design allows for maximum leg room and zero visual clutter underneath the table.

With an elegant and minimalistic aesthetic, Gevena suits boardrooms, meeting and dining spaces. Its timber structure, made lovingly by hand in our Melbourne workshop in Australia, reminds us of the traditional trades our country was built upon.

Geneva Table Square

Led by Anton Schiavello, the Schiavello Design Studio is made up of a number of talented product designers and engineers. The studio has been the driving force behind a number of Schiavello’s most successful designs, including Krossi in 2013, the first Australian made and designed sit-stand desk, and the pioneering Climate workplace system in 2010, still one of the most malleable products of its kind.

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