On Saturday, Schiavello participated in Designers Saturday 2013 (DS13), the biannual event presented by the Design Institute of Australia. DS13 allows Adelaide’s premier furniture, finishes & showrooms to open their doors to the A&D community and to the general public.

Schiavello brought back the popular theme of Tokyo Chic, decorating with colourful origami cranes and engaging Japanese crepe artists to cater for the hungry crowd. As the aroma of the crepes wafted through the showroom, participants were able to view new Schiavello products and learn about our recent Green Tag accreditations. Staff provided freshly squeezed green juices, reinforcing the theme, and complementing the green crepes!

The day was well attended with approximately 350 people through our doors. The event proved to be a fantastic opportunity to stop and chat with the design fraternity and build upon our relationships.