Schiavello is proud of our ongoing commitment to creating equal opportunities for Indigenous Australians. Headed by Olympic hurdler, Kyle Vander-Kuyp, Schiavello’s Indigenous Participation Plan was introduced last year. Since then, the program has taken a multi-faceted approach to creating employment opportunities for young Indigenous Australians, donations to local Indigenous communities and building lasting relationships.

The partnership with Worawa Aboriginal College, Healesville, has culminated in one of Schiavello’s largest donations of furniture. While on a visit to the college, senior Schiavello staff saw an opportunity to support the community and give a second life to used furniture otherwise destined for landfill.

Worawa Aboriginal College is an all-girls boarding school accepting Indigenous students from across the nation. Last year, the college received one of the largest consignments of donated furniture – amounting to over $40,000 worth. The consignment consisted of carefully selected pieces best suited to the available facilities.

A reception desk and floating cupboards have been used to bring order to the front office, couches are utilised throughout the facilities for both student and staff use, leather chairs line the art gallery and pedestal drawers have been repurposed in the girls’ boarding rooms.

“It was such a positive outcome to donate furniture to Worawa Aboriginal College who made great use of everything through the school. To know that we are helping improve the living and study environment for all Indigenous girls is very satisfying.”


– Kyle Vander Kuyp