We live in a complex and visually chaotic world. We need to consider our use of colour in the same way that we consider what we choose to cook or read. Life is about the experience, and colours should be carefully selected with a deep and contemplative soul.

Colours are like the alphabet, vowels and consonants, creating a language in the same way that colour composition and layering create a vision and harmony in a space.

The Schiavello Colour Palette was developed by Giulio Ridolfo in collaboration with our team of designers to create a considered palette for contemporary commercial and living environments.

Beginning with the freedom a blank canvas offers, we created a series of landscapes through the collection and arrangement of inspirational objects. From this organised chaos, a number of threads were teased out through the eccentric juxtaposition of material, image, textures and miscellaneous items.

The reflective phase of colour and texture was tempered with a constant and balanced perception of our contemporary environments. The awareness and perception of light was a strong theme that captured an awareness and intensity, and provided the focus to begin the process of finding families of colour.