It’s through this lens that we shape how we think about product and design, and how we,  as designers and engineers, incorporate a philosophy of research into everything we do.

Our focus on aesthetics and leading design ideas, while heightened, shares the stage with a research-based approach that incorporates people, environmental design principles such as ‘design for disassembly and deconstruction,’ long lasting relevance and business strategy. Always central to our thinking is a dedication to authenticity, functionality, quality, and enjoyment.

The Schiavello Research hub houses some of Australia’s most talented and creative designers, engineers, and leading researchers in workplace psychology and sustainability. We collaborate with Australian and international design talent to ensure we are at the forefront of global direction.

When it comes to workplace, our team not only contributes to product design, we provide strategic guidance on the development of intelligent workplaces. We understand the issues of today and forecast the drivers of tomorrow, and we help you achieve the most productive and sustainable workplace possible.

We know product needs are as diverse as the spaces they fill, and as a project-based company, we house a broad range of technical skills and capabilities, and have developed the infrastructure to design and engineer bespoke solutions for clients and their project requirements. Our culture of “anything is possible” means we cover everything from signage to glass manufacturing, and from innovative textiles to passion projects such as sculptural statement pieces.