A joint design venture between HASSELL, Hames Sharley and Silver Thomas Hanley, it’s an innovative design that harnesses the latest scientific, technological and medical developments.  The hospital’s intention is for a healing and therapeutic effect on patients, with 83 per cent of patient room’s single occupancy, offering increased comfort and privacy.

Brookfield Multiplex undertook the design and construction project and Schiavello were awarded four furniture contracts for various buildings. Having collaborated with Schiavello on numerous occasions, Brookfield Multiplex required a low risk supplier for the magnitude of the assignment and trusted Schiavello’s service capabilities. This was coupled with Schiavello’s ability to provide Kit of Parts booklets, a ten year warranty and guaranteed maximum price for the duration of the contract.  Extensive monthly reporting and prototype benchmarking also ensured quality standards were met and regular contractor contact allowed for ‘just in time’ service.

With a strong emphasis on sustainability, EMS guidelines were adhered to and were an underpinning reason for Schiavello products being chosen, with the option of sustainable fabrics and worktop solutions. The Marina desk was also chosen by executive hospital staff for its appealing aesthetic, featuring polished legs and high quality finish. In total, 2200 Marina workstations were utilised across administration areas for its elegant, freestanding uniformity and flexibility.

Colour scheming also allowed for uniqueness in different buildings; with inter changeability still available if required. Red, orange, yellow, white and grey feature throughout and were incorporated into System 45 panels along with Systemet mobile pedestals and tambour door storage. Interpower softwiring completed the workstation electrical needs. A further 500 bed side units were also supplied to the main hospital as the primary storage solution for patients.