St Peter’s College in Adelaide is an independent school for boys from ELC – Year 12 committed to creating spaces that support teaching and encourage learning.

When refurbishing an existing heritage building on campus, the school addressed the changing classroom landscape by making flexibility a priority. Designed by Matthews Architects, the interiors are spacious, contemporary and allow classrooms to be repurposed for larger use.

Flexibility equally essential for individual students, 170 Climate workstations were supplied across 13 classrooms. With a philosophy entrenched in malleability, the user-centred Climate allows students to shape their learning environment. Rollable legs were powder coated with coloured ‘socks’, making re-moulding for group work an easily identifiable process for students.

In addition, E45 panels were repurposed as pin boards in each classroom. Featuring integrated cable reticulation, the resolved finish allowed services to be easily integrated within the heritage space.

“Our strong relationship and collaboration with Matthews Architects, coupled with a quality product and ability to provide samples, aided us in providing St Peter’s College with the best possible solutions,” says Arron Durham, Schiavello International SA Manager.

Schiavello is currently creating customised whiteboards to incorporate into the flexible learning environment.