The education paradigm is shifting and a new generation of learners is entering the education environment. For those that have grown up in a digital world, ease of collaboration and sharing are built-in expectations.

Our extensive project experience has involved us with many projects where clients have begun to test the boundaries of conventional learning spaces; it’s an exciting shift to more progressive practices, how they design and develop new insights. Multifunctional classrooms, libraries, theatres and breakout zones with interactivity and collaboration at their core are proving to generate greatest effectiveness, driven by advancing technologies. Schiavello understands the need to provide flexible solutions that not only accommodate people through these fast changing times, but also help our clients remain relevant to their target audience, to attract the best students and teaching staff.

Schiavello has developed long lasting relationships with leading education providers and continues to assist in the delivery of custom product and service solutions which drive optimal outcomes, offer the best facilities, and ensure that all resources are maximised to deliver not only hard skills, but the softer skills required to effectively interact with a more interconnected world.