Is it the physical space, the design, the culture, the people? At Schiavello, we know the answer to this question depends on a holistic understanding of the organisation – its, culture, people and vision.

Schiavello houses a team of specialists in research, product design, engineering, workplace psychology and environmental sustainability, who work to better understand how the physical workplace can support an organisation’s unique needs, and become a strategic tool that enhances effectiveness at the individual, team and organisational level.

We invest heavily in research, ensuring we are at the forefront of global trends and innovation. We undertake wide and varied research at home and abroad, both in-house and in collaboration with some of the world’s most creative architects, designers from diverse disciplines, artists, engineers and scientists.

Our efforts in the space of workplace research psychology help us understand the relationship and interaction between people and their physical workspace. We also study technology, cultural diversity, gender differences, demographics and trends in human behaviour that will impact future ways of working.

Our sustainability experts inform everything from the materials and processes we use to reduce the environmental impact of the spaces we help our clients create, to the study of healthy buildings and indoor air quality. Further, we work closely with ergonomists to ensure our products are providing a healthier, more comfortable way of working, and supporting people to work in a sustainable way.

It is this robust collection of knowledge that helps us create workplaces that will not only support an organisation’s needs now, but continue to contribute to greater productivity and organisational effectiveness far into the future.