Established with one conveyorised line in 1985, Melcoat has evolved into one of the largest, most efficient powder coating facilities in Australia, now with five conveyorised lines (three with on-line wash and pretreatment), two small manual lines, aluminium chromating capability and a pyrolysis oven.

Melcoat can process a wide range of jobs, including large and small volumes of fabricated ferrous components, cut or full lengths of aluminium, castings and small items. Ensuring the highest level of quality, we can recommend the appropriate pre-treatment to provide a thin corrosion resistant film, essential to a long lasting powder coat on externally exposed substrates.

We have invested in state-of-the-art machinery and processes, from the ‘Nordson’ self cleaning automatic powder coating booths, to the ‘Colormax’ system which optimises colour change times and powder usage. This allows us to service a variety of clients with very specific requirements.

Melcoat undertakes strict quality assurance to ensure we provide highest quality in the industry. ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited, the Melcoat powdercoating facility has quality and environmental management systems that are regularly audited by NATA and continually improving.

With service and quality as our top priorities, Melcoat will be happy to arrange delivery, pick up and packaging (including corporate containers) ensuring we meet client expectations. If you would like to learn more about Melcoat, please contact us.