Our principles and values dictate what action we take in prioritising ethical behaviour, protecting and empowering our people, promoting supplier responsibility, giving back to our communities, and fostering environmental stewardship.

In 2011, Schiavello set up The Schiavello Group Charitable Foundation. The foundation takes a long-term approach to assisting the community and provides philanthropic support regardless of the financial demands of the organisation or the economy. A recent recipient was the Murdoch Children’s research institute in 2012.

Ethical Operation

We are committed to doing business ethically and with integrity. We demonstrate good corporate citizenship by embracing our obligations and conducting business within the spirit of all relevant standards and legislation.

Human Rights

We are guided by the principles of dignity, respect and fairness for all. As a large employer, Schiavello is committed to protecting the health, safety and well-being of our stakeholders, from team members and clients to contractors and suppliers.

Supply Chain Involvement

Conducting business on a broader scale than ever before, our network is growing, and so too is our responsibility to ensure ethical operations regardless of where we do business. We are selective in our partnerships and take all reasonable steps to monitor matters such as workforce management, health & safety, legislative compliance, sustainability, and viability.

Community – Nurturing & Involvement

We recognise we have a wide-reaching responsibility to support our workforce and the surrounding community. We regularly monitor our impact on the community and take all reasonable steps to adjust our activities so as to not negatively impact the local area. Active in philanthropy, we support a number of charities and welfare institutions.

Workforce Engagement

Schiavello ensures the following principles are supported, monitored, and sustained: Freedom of association and collective bargaining; Elimination of forced and/or compulsory labour; Elimination of any form of discrimination in respect of employment and/or occupation; and the health, safety, and well-being of our workforce.


Through innovations in materials and processes, energy efficiency, industry leading measurement tools, and programs like e-cycling, we’re giving our clients the power to do more with less, while minimising our own environmental footprint. We are committed to transparency and collaboration, maintaining a robust approach to reporting on our environmental goals and activities. Click here to read our latest Environmental Report.