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Nura Space is workplace management software designed to understand, redefine and optimise workspaces. Leveraging IoT, data and behavioural science, Nura Space allows employers and their teams to curate a working experience centred on wellbeing, safety and efficiency.

Software, hardware and data analysis is currently available in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

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Vecos is the market leader and trendsetter in the world of electronic locker management.

Available through Schiavello in Australia, China, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong.

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Bene is a specialist in the design and furnishing of modern office and working environments. Produced in Austria, Bene combines modern design, quality and functionality with innovative technology.

Available through Schiavello in Australia, Singapore and China.

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Humanscale is a premier designer and manufacturer of ergonomic products that improve health and comfort at work.

Available through Schiavello in Australia, Singapore, China and United Arab Emirates.

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Advanta has been at the forefront of commercial seating in Australia since 1984. Beginning as a small family enterprise in Perth, Western Australia, the company has since grown to become a celebrated pioneer in its field.

Select Advanta products are available through Schiavello in Australia.

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Very Wood is a collection of handcrafted Italian seating – including armchairs, dining chairs, sofas and stools – that brings comfort and sophistication to a range of spaces, from healthcare to hospitality.

The full Very Wood collection is available through Schiavello in Australia, Singapore, China and UAE.

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Moments Furniture boasts a worldwide reputation for care furniture and as an advisor for the design of care interiors.

Schiavello is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Moments Furniture in Australia.

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