Product stewardship & take back policy

In line with Schiavello’s environmental policy, which seeks to reduce the environmental impact of all company activities, Schiavello will provide for the future stewardship of its products.

Schiavello may enter into a written product stewardship agreement with the purchaser to, subject to certain specific conditions, accept product returned to our main production facilities in Tullamarine, Victoria, with the intention to re‐use the product and/or component material where possible and maximise the residual amount that is recycled. An annual  public  report  will  be  available  regarding  the  ultimate  fate  of  the  materials  and  products  returned  under  these  agreements.

Product stewardship options

Our product stewardship options include:

In order to maximise the efficient use  of resources, it  is important  that  clients  indicate  their  wish  to  enter  into  a  product stewardship agreement in the pre‐tender stage of purchasing.

Product stewardship conditions

The conditions will generally include: