Values-driven: Schiavello has endeavoured to achieve exemplary sustainability practices throughout our extensive end-to-end design and manufacturing process since 1995.

Our initiatives – such as our Environmental Policy, array of independent accreditations and formalised reporting and continuous improvement strategies – view sustainability through a holistic and long term lens, considering ethical practices, environmental protection, social responsibility and footprint reduction in everything we touch: directly and indirectly.

For us, it's imperative all initiatives are genuine, actionable and make a real impact. Through the gradual and deliberate accomplishment of short-term goals, such as upgrading our company fleet to electric vehicles and powering our facilities with renewable energy sources, we aim to achieve Net Zero by 2038.

Our key initiatives

Waste Minimisation

Industry leading systems and circular economic principles.

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Emissions Reduction

Local supply chain and industry certifications.

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Fair Trade

Supply chain tier mapping and globally recognised agreements.

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Social Impact

From Product Stewardship to community affiliations.

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Waste Minimisation

Since 1997, Schiavello has led the industry in environmental footprint reduction, primarily in regards to waste. First establishing a bespoke Environmental Management System certified to ISO 14001:2015. This set of environmental principles structured how we could reduce our impacts on energy, waste and emissions as a result of our operations, before becoming a Waste Wise Business in 2001.

Today, our product lifecycle approach works towards the circular economic principles and we offer a Product Stewardship agreement for businesses who want to ensure what happens next.


“Our design philosophy has always centred on quality and longevity, intrinsically eliminating excess production. Today’s extended focus on multipurpose and malleable furniture only further reduces overproduction and overconsumption.”


Emissions Reduction

From the outset, our commitment to local materials, suppliers and production reduces our carbon footprint and other pollutants simply by never emitting them, in comparison to efforts made to counteract.

We're currently conducting a business wide review of our 2023 emissions to set new targets for 2024 and beyond.

From the planet to its people, our products are mindfully designed with considerations to the chemicals they omit. Certified to both Greenguard Environmental Institute and the Living Future Institute’s Red List Free, we are committed to improving indoor air quality and limiting exposure to chemicals and other pollutants that pose a risk to human health.

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“95% of our raw materials are locally sourced from iconic Australian brands, including Blue Scope Steel, Capral (Aluminium), Laminex Industries, and Dulux, as well as a variety of SME suppliers.”

Fair Trade

Our local, highly reputable suppliers allow for clear and thorough supply chain mapping. This means we have high visibility of everyone at every stage of the production process and ensures fair and ethical treatment to all.

To certify this, we have published our commitment in our Modern Slavery Act and are proud signatories to the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact incorporating these principles into our strategies, policies, procedures and operations, as well as reporting on them.

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"As Australia’s largest furniture designer and manufacturer, we take our responsibility to not only the local community but our entire supply chain seriously."


Social Impact

Through our commitment to reducing churn, we offer a Product Stewardship agreement which recovers end-of-life furniture to recycle, or reuse and redistribute. We work collaboratively with clients to determine an agreement that aligns best with their environmental goals.

Our preferred option for product life extension is through our 50% Indigenous owned business, Bunin. Through Bunin, we work to identify opportunities where products can be donated to communities and schools in need through our Indigenous Participation Program.

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