Horizon Table

Designed by Chris Connell for MAP, Horizon Table’s soft radius edges and continuous loop base brings understated elegance to any interior.

Horizon’s continuous metal loop allows it to accommodate almost any length tabletop, while the looped steel base provides a sturdy alternative to the traditional four-legged base. The streamlined base of Horizon is tucked away, leaving ample legroom underneath the table.

Horizon Table

Horizon Tables are available in a number of sizes, including a desk, 6-seater, 8-seater, 10-seater or 12-seater option. Pair your Horizon Dining Table in the living area with a Horizon Desk in the study for a sculptural yet uniform aesthetic.

“It’s quite understated, but it also features enough detail to give it strong architectural feel through its graphic end elevation and soft radiused top, which is much more welcoming and warm than a traditional rectangle table,” says designer Chris Connell.

Horizon Table and Rib Chair

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