Our People

Schiavello International

Raffaele Tigani

Raffaele Tigani Director and General Manager – Schiavello International

Raffaele has been with Schiavello for over 23 years and is charged with advancing the company’s commitment to client success, delivering exceptional value and developing long term relationships. His wide range of experience includes workplace strategy, product development, financial modelling, project management, and production logistics. Raffaele has established a reputation built on commitment and customer service, which ensures clients repeatedly receive a high standard of service.

Anton Schiavello Design and Marketing Director – Schiavello International

As Design & Marketing Director of Schiavello International, Anton is committed to delivering the company’s core vision, that anything is possible. Responsible for business strategy, marketing and product development, Anton leads design activities and new brand initiatives. His work is driven by principles of thoughtful research and detail, quality manufacturing and approachable design. Anton has launched multiple furniture ranges in Australia and Internationally, including high-volume commercial products as well as small-run designs.

Global Workplace Services

Kristian Missen

Kristian Missen Global Workplace Services Manager

Passionate about building long-term and rewarding relationships, for almost 20 years Kristian has best utilised Schiavello’s vast resources to exceed client expectations. His experience and deep industry knowledge enables valuable collaboration with clients on their workplace strategy, accommodation standards, product design and multi-site project management. Focused on growing international business, Kristian feels privileged to show the world what Australians are capable of.

Luciano Fabrizio Global Business and Relationship Manager

Luciano has accomplished many achievements throughout his 30 year tenure with Schiavello, including the award-winning e-cycle initiative in the ACT. He now brings his wealth of experience to the Middle East where he is charged with international business growth. His longevity is testament to his passion for strategic outcomes and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

Joseph Tigani Global Business and Relationship Manager – Government

Joseph Tigani has been with Schiavello for over 12 years. With a broad background in healthcare FF&E solutions, engineering, and physical and built environmental systems, Joseph brings to Schiavello over 33 years experience in project management, technical consulting and client relations. His exposure to continuous operations industries has instilled in him a strong appreciation for time-critical project delivery and after-sales support.

Tim Dodd Global Business and Relationship Manager

Tim works collaboratively with long-standing national clients to continually understand their present and future needs. He has taken a design-based, consultative approach to developing client centric solutions during his six year at Schiavello.


Vince Tigani Director and State Manager – Vic Systems

With more than 20 years industry experience, Vince brings a wealth of knowledge in financial reporting, sales consultancy and project management to Schiavello. Passionate about the development of staff and long-lasting client relationships alike, Vince inspires a culture of customer service best practise across the Melbourne showroom.

Susanna Tigani Strategic Business and Relationship Manager

Susanna has successfully led multiple top-tier and major government seating projects throughout her 18 years with Schiavello. Leading a team by example, her strong rapport with design and construction industries is driven by a customer-centric approach which utilises a profound knowledge of organisational change to find best possible outcomes.

Marina Demiris

Marina Borg Business and Relationship Manager

A valuable member of Schiavello for nine years, Marina’s reputation is built on providing exceptional customer service. Offering client confidence through widespread experience and knowledge, Marina’s seamless ability to nurture new and existing relationships with designers, end-users and colleagues, is testament to her collaborative approach and professionalism.

Daniel Grilli Business and Relationship Manager

Responsible for managing a major workstation team, Daniel’s ethos is to promote the Schiavello brand, culture, products and services with honesty and integrity. With 12 years industry experience in sales and management, Daniel’s can-do attitude and personable approach has ensured multiply high-profile projects across various sectors have been successfully delivered throughout his career.

John Romano Client Relationship Manager

John’s strong foundation for product knowledge is testament to the various roles he has excelled at throughout his 20 year career at Schiavello. John’s responsibility now is to ensure he assists with tendering, estimating and project quotations for local projects, all the while maintaining sound relationships with clients to find ideal product solutions.

Silvio Boriani Client Relationship Manager

For the past six years, Silvio has drawn on his extensive knowledge of current and future market conditions to strategically build and foster key client relationships. A team builder and problem solver, his intuitive sense of business management and development makes him a natural leader.

Phillip Mirenda Client Relationship Manager

For 19 years at Schiavello, Phillip has delivered unwavering customer service to clients. His ability to grow and maintain relationships is testament to his sound product knowledge and experience in tendering, estimating and project quotations.

New South Wales

Grant Digance

Grant Digance Director and State Manager – NSW Systems

Grant Digance is Director and State Manager of Schiavello’s NSW Systems division. With over 30 years of industry experience, Grant understands the importance of delivering innovative solutions by sharing knowledge with our clients, fostering strong relationships and empowering his team to deliver service excellence.

Serge Mezzina

Serge Mezzina Business and Relationship Manager

Since beginning his career with Schiavello over 25 years ago, Serge Mezzina continues to deliver on the company vision of “anything is possible.” His experience and passion guarantees clients only receive the highest quality of service and products. Serge leads his teams through all aspects of a project, from design and manufacturing to delivery and installation.

Daniel Beers

Daniel Beers Business and Relationship Manager

Daniel Beers is dedicated to providing the best service in the industry. His passion for creating highly functional workspaces has led him to manage some of the largest projects in NSW. Over the past 15 years, he has developed a deep technical knowledge of Schiavello workstations, allowing him to collaborate with clients on highly customised solutions to match unique needs.

Nilo Ibarburu Business and Relationship Manager

For 14 years at Schiavello, Nilo has been at the front line of product installation and consultancy. His ongoing involvement with large-scale private and government projects serves to underpin his experience. Nilo’s industry knowledge and understanding guarantees clients receive the level of commitment and service they deserve.

Hassan el Rayes Business and Relationship Manager

With 30 years’ experience in design, architecture and mechanical engineering, Hassan balances art and science to consistently deliver projects from “front of house” to the workspace. In his career history he has handled substantial major works for a wide range of commercial industries. His proficiency for finding client win-win resolutions alongside his energetic, personable and friendly character will see the successful achievement of objectives across the business, including those of individual projects.


Robert Amorosi

Rob Amorosi Director and State Manager – Qld Systems

Rob Amorosi is Director and State Manager of Schiavello’s Queensland Systems division. With more than 25 years of experience in the service industry, he is committed to client success. Rob’s deep knowledge of Schiavello products, services, and production processes result in the ability to work collaboratively with clients to develop highly customised solutions while maintaining exceptional value.


Karl Stiege Business and Relationship Manager

Karl Stiege perpetuates the company’s “anything is possible” culture by way of collaboration, idea sharing, and by taking a proactive approach to project delivery. He has 10 years of commercial interiors experience, a degree in industrial design, and is committed to driving positive results for all stakeholders.

Ben Briggs

Ben Briggs Business and Relationship Manager

With more than 10 years of experience in the commercial furniture industry, Ben has a deep understanding of client needs, enabling him to provide the right solution for a diverse range of projects, and a high level of client-centric service that adds value at every turn.

Diana Amorosi

Diana Amorosi Business and Relationship Manager

Diana is focused on providing the best possible solution for clients, with careful consideration to their unique needs. She is responsible for advancing the company’s commitment to providing a high standard of customer service, and to the development of long lasting relationships.

South Australia

Arron Durham

Arron Durham Director and State Manager – SA Systems

Design trained coupled with furniture, marine, automotive and exhibition experience, Arron provides detailed and resolved solutions for Schiavello clients. Now in his tenth year with the company, Arron’s ability to lead a team to develop relationships built upon trust and integrity has established Schiavello as leaders in the South Australian market.

Australian Capital Territory

Stephen Rando Director and Manager – ACT Systems

Stephen Rando brings 20 years of experience to his new role as Schiavello ACT Manager. His career began with Schiavello in 1995 as a Contract Administrator in the Victorian Furniture division, where he progressed to become a Contract Manager Team Leader, successfully delivering numerous high profile projects. Stephen’s ethos is built upon the Schiavello core values of Service, Commitment, Integrity and Honesty, with an attitude to achieve results for clients and staff.

Frank Genovesi

Frank Genovesi Business and Relationship Manager

Frank Genovesi is committed to the company’s values and determined to provide quality objectives. Frank has 30 years of experience in the building industry, 14 of which have been with Schiavello. His wide range of experience enables him to deliver a high level of customer service in costing, planning and project delivery.

David Baillie Business and Relationship Manager

David Baillie has been with Schiavello for over 10 years, initially joining as an Installer. Factory experience, leadership skills, product knowledge and a willingness to learn, soon facilitated his move into a Site Manager position. During this time he worked across many large-scale government and defence projects. Responsibilities continued to grow for David and in 2017, he was promoted to the role of Business and Relationship Manager. A goal orientated and self-motivated employee, he consistently achieves Schiavello’s goals to deliver a high quality product, on time and on budget.

Daniel Ginoski Client Relationship Manager

Daniel joined Schiavello in 2015 as a Trainee Team Administrator and in a year was promoted to the position of Client Relationship Support. Over the years Daniel developed effective relationships with key stakeholders and has an aptitude for client relationship development. In 2017 he moved into the role of Client Relationship Manager, providing an important central point of contact for client product information and quoting requirements.

Western Australia

Pippa Holmes

Pippa Holmes Director and State Manager – WA Systems

As State Manager of Schiavello’s Western Australian division, Pippa Holmes is charged with advancing Schiavello’s commitment to creating thoughtful design solutions and driving maximum value for our clients. With 19 years of experience in the interior construction industry, Pippa leads a dedicated team of Business Development and Project and Service Personnel to deliver considered, cost efficient, timely solutions. She has managed a wide range of high profile projects for Schiavello, from small to multi-million dollar fit outs.

Jodie Priestly

Jodie Priestly Client Relationship Manager

Jodie Priestly is focused on ensuring every client receives exemplary service and high quality products to fit their specific needs. She has more than five years of experience in the interior construction industry, and is driven by the belief that long-lasting customer satisfaction is paramount.

Luke Bayley Business and Relationship Manager

Luke joined in 2007 and his industry experience now spans 15 years. He has attained exceptional product knowledge over the last 10 years with Schiavello through several roles encompassing contract administration, estimating, site supervision and project management. Luke cultivates excellent customer relations by promoting the Schiavello brand, culture, products and services with honesty and integrity through the Western Australian team.


Finlay Macrae Client Relationship Manager

Finlay has been with Schiavello for five years during which time he has gained extensive experience delivering furniture solutions for national and global clients as part of the Global Workplace Services division. Now driven to strengthen Schiavello’s presence in Singapore, Finlay uses his expertise in major project management and logistics to deliver client-centric solutions across the Asia Pacific region.

Amelia Chai Mobbs Client Relationship Manager

Amelia is a long-standing systems furniture specialist who brings a valuable 15 years experience to Schiavello Singapore. Her aptitude for systematic project coordination and open communication has seen her successfully and repeatedly tailor solutions for a range of global brands throughout Asia Pacific including BHP Billiton, Yahoo! and Unilver.

Stacey Mahar Client Relationship Manager

Stacey’s education in industrial design and manufacturing processes has armed her with the necessary skills and knowledge to value engineer to meet client needs, indentify workspace requirements and best resolve project obstacles. During her years with Schiavello, she has been involved in major international projects in Australia and the Middle East.


Amanda Dong Senior Account Manager

Keen on strategic business development and long-lasting client relationship maintaining by meeting expectations with quality outcomes, Amanda has been a dynamic performer in office furniture industry for over 10 years. Focus on accelerating growth and committing customer satisfaction in China, Amanda’s strength is in delivering cross culture collaboration, leading sales, project management & customer services, and driving front workplace design concepts in terms of product innovation, marketing and client tools.