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The Atlantic Dubai : Design Group Eleven Now open in Downtown Dubai at Souk Al Bahar, the new restaurant seats 200 covers with an open plan dining room, an Oyster Bar and an alfresco dining terrace that overlooks the The Dubai Fountain and iconic Burj Khalifa. This page - Terrace overlooking The Dubai Fountain ­— Opposite page - Top left : Central Dining Room Top right : Oyster Bar Bottom left : Oyster Bar Bottom right : Terrace The Designers. Design Group Eleven is an interior design studio specializing in hospitality, as well as retail and residential design. Run by Aleksandra Adamczyk and Egija Krisjane, this dynamic duo presents clients with a diverse range of expertise. Both from different backgrounds and experiences, their professional paths crossed at renowned British designer Robert Angell’s London based studio, where they worked together on high-end hospitality projects, like The Berkeley Hotel, Hilton Hotels, Lime Wood Hotel, Aqua Nueva restaurant and American Bar in Savoy. Adamczyk is responsible for the technical side of work, whereas Krisjane leads the sourcing of materials, finishes, furniture and equipment. Over time they have developed an international group of trusted professionals, 3D visualisers, Adamczyk describes their philosophy as “attention to refined detailing through which a sense of overall harmony can be achieved. We aim to merge functionality with sensuality”. The Brief. Provide a timeless and aesthetically beautiful design; adapt the Melbourne concept to local conditions; present an overall sensory experience to guests; and integrate a warm ‘human’ sensibility to the restaurant’s identity. The duo was asked to develop a character that reflected the sentiments of the ‘New York Wharfs’ present in the flagship restaurant and encouraged to look beyond simply replicating the Melbourne interior. The Inspiration. Design Group Eleven drew their inspiration from the magnetic and wild beauty of the Australian coastline where the alluring tones of emerald green water interplay with sand, stones and raw cliff surrounds. Krisjane says “our aim is to take the guests on a journey by applying the ocean to plate philosophy and building up the layers of seaside inspired storytelling”. The entrance to the shop front resembles the fish market stalls with a fresh fish display, vintage scales and weights, blocks of salt, fish nets and eroded wood with glass pieces. The Oyster Bar is accented with industrial features and designed to immerse guests in the theatre of an open kitchen layout. An interpretation of beach pebbles recurs in warm stone finishes throughout, inclusive Working closely with Atlantic Group and esteemed Executive Chef of the Melbourne flagship restaurant, Donovan Cooke, Solutions Leisure Group adopted the sustainable ocean to plate philosophy and introduced the experience to their audience abroad. manufacturers, consultants and suppliers who work tirelessly to assist in the execution of their concepts. The Restaurant. In January 2017, Atlantic Group embarked on its first overseas licensed venture with the opening of The Atlantic Dubai. Adding the restaurant to an already extensive hospitality portfolio is UAE based leading entertainment and nightlife consortium, Solutions Leisure Group.