Peter Schiavello: Our Local Commitment

Peter Schiavello, Managing Director

At Schiavello, we are constantly asking ourselves how we can add more value – to our clients, to our people, and to the Australian economy.

Going beyond just Australian-made, our ambition is to add the greatest value possible by substantially transforming local raw materials and utilising labour and overheads throughout the entire production process here in Australia.

Often, ‘local content’ is defined with a large portion comprising gross profit margin and the assembly, delivery and installation of a product – meaning that, even if fully imported with minimal or no manufacturing having been undertaken in Australia, a product can still be marketed as containing a high percentage of local content.

Our products at Schiavello comprise more than 90% Australian grown or sourced materials – with more than 75% of its manufacturing and processing taking place at our 70,000 square metre manufacturing plant in Melbourne.

This means that when you invest in a true product of Australia from Schiavello, you can be confident it really has been created with the highest local content possible, with significant flow-on benefit for the Australian people, partners and industries behind each stage of production.

It’s not just good for the local economy, it’s good business.

It enables us to create exceptional products that stand up against the world’s best, demonstrating the quality of our craft and the excellence of Australian materials and manufacturing.

It means we can support thousands of Australian jobs and continually reinvest in our people to ensure they’re equipped to develop, upskill and thrive.

And it ensures that, during these challenging times, we can contribute to growing the local manufacturing industry and build together for a stronger, and more prosperous Australia.

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