Hedge Seating

Playful and surprising, Hedge encourages participation and exploration through its undulating design. The rolling form of Hedge manipulates to comfortably accommodate all shapes and sizes for sitting, relaxing or napping.


  • Unique one, two or three-seating lounge bench.
  • 1145-2840W x 550D x 680H mm.
  • Wool knit finish available in four colours.
  • Optional specially designed aluminium side table
  • Product of Australia.
  • 3 year warranty.
Product of Australia

8-12 weeks

With its unconventional form of undulating waves of foam, Hedge is a novel and unique furniture addition to the home, office, education precinct or public space – creating not only a practical seating arrangement, but also a fun, artistic and interactive statement piece.


Hedge is made of structural foam, which is engineered to be able to support both individuals and groups in a number of different positions. Sit on it directly, straddle it, lie on it, work on it, lean on it – sit in any way and Hedge will collapse to support your posture.

Hedge Seating

Hedge Tables provide further practicality, slipping in anywhere along the curves of the Hedge structure. Sitting over the body of Hedge, the Hedge Table holds a coffee, allows you to use your laptop, or can be used to sit notebooks on. The tables are made of powder coated formed aluminium and are lightweight yet strong for continued use and resilience.

Hedge Tables



  • chrome Chrome

Wool Knit

  • charcoal-wool-knit.jpg Charcoal
  • green-wool-knit.jpg Green
  • magenta-wool-knit.jpg Magenta
  • red-wool-knit.jpg Red

Metal Powder Coat

  • Metal Powder Coat Obsidian Glass Obsidian Glass (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Horizon White Horizon White
  • Absolute Silver Absolute Silver

In 2008, the Schiavello Design Studio and designer Oliver Field worked on a sculptural and novel furniture solution comprised of undulating engineered foam curves. “It’s practical, but also fun and inviting. After the release of the 101 chair with Helen Kontouris, we were interested in developing another sculptural design that was intriguing and interactive, yet functional,” says Peter Schiavello.

Hedge is made of structural foam, which is engineered to be able to support both individuals and groups in a number of different positions, providing full flexibility. Hedge’s accompanying table enhances this flexibility even further. Available in a range of colours and fabrics from the Schiavello ColourLab range, Hedge can be produced in a variety of lengths, with the largest to date being 4m long.

Hedge has been exhibited in Milan, as well as at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in 2009 when it was shortlisted in the Cicely and Colin Rigg Contemporary Design Awards.

Hedge Chair and Table

Oliver Field graduated with a Bachelor of Design from RMIT University, and now, following his time in the Schiavello Design Studio, works across industrial design and anticipatory research. Oliver experiments with unconventional forms and ideas, combining aesthetic personality with function, while his designs provoke thought and interaction, expressing his desire to approach each project with refreshed energy.

Working closely with Peter Schiavello, Hedge blurs the line between art and industrial design. “There is a sculpture called Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor in Chicago,” explains Peter. “It’s a huge polished stainless steel blob-like structure with compound curves and when you approach it, it reflects you, but distorts you. To me, that is one of the most engaging pieces of art because it is interactive, allowing everyone to have a laugh at themselves and it gets an emotional reaction. To me, Hedge is a sculptural piece but its novelty and uniqueness elicits a similar emotional response to what Cloud Gate does.”

Oliver Field