Schiavello has made multiple appearances in issue 59 of DQ Magazine, starting with sponsorship of the front cover. The artwork which was designed collaboratively between Schiavello and the DQ editorial team reflects the concept behind Schiavello’s Focus collection. Featuring an individual walking away from the crowd, the artwork highlights the importance of breaking the moulds of open-plan models.

In the related feature article ‘Freedom to Focus’, Editor Sophia Watson notes how Schiavello is challenging open-plan environments by empowering users and providing them with refuge through the collection of soft barriers and booths.

Kayt Cabana also received product coverage in a spread on pastel colours, while Krossi appeared in a piece on geometric furniture.  The Baker IDI ‘On Your Feet Australia Day’ event that Schiavello sponsored was also noted as one of the top six initiatives of the past quarter.

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