Paying tribute to the latest and greatest Green Star certified projects in the Queensland marketplace, Schiavello was at hand to toast the new PDT Architects tenancy fitout – one that successfully achieved the coveted 5-star Green Star Office Interiors v1.1 rating.

The project marked the second 5 Star Office Interiors project delivered by Schiavello Construction and Systems in the Queensland marketplace, solidifying Schiavello’s position as a business that showcases innovation and ingenuity ‘as built’.

Jason Ross, Business Development Manager of the Schiavello Construction business, spoke of the growing role that innovation and positive sustainability plays in shifting the boundaries of the possible within the built environment:

“One of the great challenges that we face as sustainability professionals are the never-ending pursuit of innovation… the concept of building better for longer. Be it supplying or specifying products or through the use of innovative construction techniques, our focus squarely remains on achieving positive development through innovation. Adapt or perish remains our mantra; it is only through continued innovation that we can supply our clients with results that justify and improve the value of their investments.

This thereon belies the heart of the sustainability conundrum and why bodies like the GBCA have such an important voice in our community – we are the collective drivers, the momentum builders that drive positive change through the Brisbane marketplace. The innovators, the early adopters… a platform for the laggards to follow…”

On behalf of Schiavello Queensland, we would like to thank everyone that attended the briefing and strongly encourage all to visit the PDT Architects Site Tour dates that will be released through the GBCA website later in the year.