Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2014 is fast approaching, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to take part once again in this exciting showcase of Victoria’s best.

Building on the success of the Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar, the centrepiece of the 2013 festival, Schiavello has partnered for the second year with multidisciplinary design practice, HASSELL, to bring an even more ambitious project to life: The Immersery Festival Kitchen, Bar & Raingarden.

The Immersery will be a bustling riverside meeting place and home to Victoria’s most inspiring food, wine and cocktails over the 17 day festival, from 28 February to 16 March 2014.

HASSELL’s vision for the Immersery is inspired by water’s cyclical journey with the three levels of the installation each representing one of the three states of water – liquid, solid and gas. Incorporating the disused rail bridge running parallel to Sandridge Bridge, the space will give visitors the chance to experience the Yarra River from a new vantage point.

A floating barge bar anchored to Queensbridge Square will be populated by Australia’s top boundary-pushing bartenders, who will craft cocktails and drinks that celebrate the three states of water. The concourse level will feature an open-kitchen eatery with an exciting lunch and dinner menu that embraces a range of water-based cooking techniques. A skyline community space with a cloud-like canopy will ‘hover’ over the disused rail bridge, creating a new elevated view of the city skyline. Pipes, fittings and other materials commonly used in water infrastructure will bring an industrial and urban feel to the space.

Throughout the Immersery, Melbourne Water and HASSELL will create vertical raingardens featuring drought-tolerant plants to ‘green’ the urban space and allow visitors to learn about how water can be captured, filtered and reused before it re-enters the water cycle.

Schiavello will pair a deep range of construction expertise and capabilities, passion for great food, wine and hospitality, and belief that ‘anything is possible,’ to bring this exciting concept to life. Stay tuned to learn more about the building of the Immersery in coming months. For Festival information, please visit the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival website.