A large scale Mari Funaki sculpture was unveiled at the entrance of Schiavello’s Tullamarine headquarters, showcasing the ‘insect like’ work that encompasses the geometric perfection and allusiveness of Funaki’s work.

An internationally lauded contemporary jewellery and object maker,the late Funaki hand crafted the original  1:22 scale maquette of the proposed full scale sculpture. This work is the largest of just a few large scale  sculptures that have their origin in intimately scaled forms.

“Mari had the skilled hand and uncompromising eye of a master craftsperson. She was determined to carry intact the intensity, balance, tension and perfection of her jewellery and small objects through to this monumental scale. In this sculpture, her one and only true work, we see just how impressively her vision translates,” Gallery Funaki Director, Katie Scott says.

This large scale sculpture echoes Funaki’s early discovery of paper thin mild steel that could be blackened to the point it seemed to absorb light and enhance her objects’ tenuous balance and hold and their apparent fragility. Schiavello commissioned Funaki to create a work that would welcome gueststo Schiavello’s headquarters after Schiavello’s Managing Director, Peter Schiavello, visited one of Funaki’s earliersolo exhibitions and was captivated with her work.

“Art is a passion of mine, evolved through my longstanding affinity for design. Schiavello has long prided itself  on design quality and excellence. When selecting the designers that we work with at Schiavello we always look for design distinction and a unique approach. It is important to us that we work with those whose values are similar to ours,” Mr Schiavello says.
The large scale sculpture that stands at 5.7 meters high and 13.6 meters long allowed Schiavello to showcase its manufacturing excellence, fabricating this work atthe Tullamarine manufacturing plant. Schiavello understood the importance of the precision required to respect Funaki’s sensitivity to sculptural balance, site specificity and material finish of this significant work.

Product Design Engineers from Schiavello’s in-house Research and Development team worked closely with Funaki to develop the full scale sculpture. “It was with great pride that we were able to use our manufacturing excellence to fabricate this extraordinary
work of Mari Funaki’s,” Mr Schiavello says.

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