Schiavello’s Indigenous Participation Programme is in full swing with the recent employment of Cameron Tranter. Cameron joins our project team headed by Construction Manager, Stefan Metayer.

Under the leadership of Stefan, Cameron will be immersed in the construction industry while building on his carpentry apprenticeship.

“I’m excited to have Cameron join our experienced team of carpenters, leading hands, and foremen. He will have the opportunity to learn from the wealth of knowledge around him while honing his carpentry skills as he progresses through his apprenticeship” says Stefan.

Apprenticeship Training Program

In addition to his onsite role, Cameron will be closely trained through Schiavello’s internal apprenticeship training programme.

Former AFL player, Dean Rioli referred Cameron to Schiavello’s Indigenous Engagement Manager, Kyle Vander Kuyp. Cameron toured Schiavello manufacturing facilities before successfully interviewing for the role with Stefan.

“The opportunity to work with a construction project team will provide a great foundation for [Cameron’s] career and I hope he will become another much-valued asset at Schiavello” comments Kyle.

Cameron is the third Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employed by Schiavello Group (after Elijah Bux and Jediah Cam) since our Indigenous Participation Programme launched last year.