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Tony Schiavello Governing Director Executive Chairman – Schiavello Group

Tony Schiavello is Governing Director and Executive Chairman of Schiavello Group. He, alongside his brother Joe Schiavello, founded the company in 1966 on the principles of innovation, quality and service excellence. Today, Schiavello continues to uphold the steadfast values and integrity it was built on, delivering each customer with exceptional service and well-engineered products that meet their needs.

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Peter Schiavello Managing Director – Schiavello Group

Peter Schiavello is the Managing Director of the Schiavello Group. As Managing Director, Peter is charged with leading the diversified privately owned Schiavello Group of Companies. An integral part of the family business from early on, Peter has contributed to the growth of the business since 1982, initially taking on responsibility for the furniture operation, and then expanding his scope as Deputy Managing Director of the growing Group by 1992. Peter was mentored by his father and company founder Tony Schiavello, and was appointed Managing Director of the Group in 2009.

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Joe Schiavello Director – Schiavello Group

Joe Schiavello is Director of Schiavello Group. He founded the company alongside his brother Tony in 1966. Sharing the mantra of “anything is possible,” Joe helped grow what began as a small office partitioning business into the great success story it is today; one of Australia’s most respected interior construction specialists, furniture designers, manufacturers, and property developers.

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Jack O'Connell

Jack O’Connell Director - Schiavello Group

Jack O’Connell brings more than 30 years of experience in mergers and acquisition to Schiavello. As a Director, Jack provides accounting, finance, due diligence and commercial advice to private and public companies, as well as government. Previously, Jack was a partner at KPMG, and lead accounting advisor on the restructure and privatisation of the SECV, Gas and Fuel Corporation and ETSA in Adelaide.

Raffaele Tigani

Raffaele Tigani Director and General Manager – Schiavello International

Raffaele has been with Schiavello for over 23 years and is charged with advancing the company’s commitment to client success, delivering exceptional value and developing long term relationships. His wide range of experience includes workplace strategy, product development, financial modelling, project management, and production logistics. Raffaele has established a reputation built on commitment and customer service, which ensures clients repeatedly receive a high standard of service.

Richard Halasa

Richard Halasa Director and State Manager – VIC Construction

Richard Halasa brings more than 39 years of interior fitout and building refurbishment experience to Schiavello. As Director and State Manager of Schiavello’s Victorian Construction division, Richard leads with expertise in construction management, programming and sequencing, project delivery, cost planning, management review and objective assessment.

Anton Schiavello Design & Marketing Director – Schiavello International

As Design & Marketing Director of Schiavello International, Anton is committed to delivering the company’s core vision, that anything is possible. Responsible for business strategy, marketing and product development, Anton leads design activities and new brand initiatives. His work is driven by principles of thoughtful research and detail, quality manufacturing and approachable design. Anton has launched multiple furniture ranges in Australia and Internationally, including high-volume commercial products as well as small-run designs.

Christopher Schiavello

Christopher Schiavello Director and State Manager – NSW Construction

Christopher, Director of Schiavello’s NSW Construction division, focuses on providing real value to clients through Early Engagement to ensure project outcomes meet the client's aspirational objectives and strategic business drivers. With a background in customer service, and 9 years of project delivery experience in Workplace, Education, Hospitality and Asset Refurbishment, his passion for business and people ensure a long term and client-centric approach to all projects and relationships across the business in Australia.

Keti Malkoski Principal - People and Culture

As Principal of Schiavello’s People and Culture Consulting, Keti Malkoski assists clients through workspace change. Having a Bachelor’s and Honours in Psychology and Master’s of Organisational Psychology, Malkoski’s work assists clients in optimising their future workspace strategy to ultimately improve employee and business effectiveness.

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Diana Parisi

Diana Parisi Group QSE Manager

Diana has over 15 years experience developing and working with Integrated Management Systems. Further to her success is her extensive auditing and training skills, and the strong track record she has in the implementation of robust and highly effective QHSE systems that have significantly reduced reworks, customer returns, workplace incidents, and LTIs.

Vince Tigani Director and State Manager – VIC Systems

With more than 20 years industry experience, Vince brings a wealth of knowledge in financial reporting, sales consultancy and project management to Schiavello. Passionate about the development of staff and long-lasting client relationships alike, Vince inspires a culture of customer service best practise across the Melbourne showroom.

Robert Amorosi

Rob Amorosi Director and State Manager – QLD Systems

Rob Amorosi is Director and State Manager of Schiavello’s Queensland Systems division. With more than 25 years of experience in the service industry, he is committed to client success. Rob’s deep knowledge of Schiavello products, services, and production processes result in the ability to work collaboratively with clients to develop highly customised solutions while maintaining exceptional value.

Steven Kourevelis

Steven Kourevelis Director and State Manager – QLD Construction

With over 25 years experience in the construction industry, Steven has delivered a vast range of multi-million dollar construction and development projects from $1m - $50m in all sectors of the industry at a national level.

Grant Digance

Grant Digance Director and State Manager – NSW Systems

Grant Digance is Director and State Manager of Schiavello’s NSW Systems division. With 30 years of industry experience, Grant understands the importance of delivering innovative solutions by sharing knowledge with our clients, fostering strong relationships and empowering his team to deliver service excellence.

Luke Steel State Manager

Luke Steele Director and State Manager – SA Construction

Luke has over 15 years industry experience. He has been with the Schiavello Construction business for 3 years and has led the delivery of a number of award-winning projects, most notably, the SkyCity Adelaide Casino upgrade and the heritage façade restoration of the iconic Adelaide Railway Station.

Arron Durham

Arron Durham Director and State Manager – SA Systems

Design trained coupled with furniture, marine, automotive and exhibition experience, Arron provides detailed and resolved solutions for Schiavello clients. Now in his tenth year with the company, Arron’s ability to lead a team to develop relationships built on trust and integrity has established Schiavello as leaders in the South Australian market.

Stephen Rando Director and Manager – ACT Systems

Stephen Rando brings 20 years of experience to his new role as Schiavello ACT Manager. His career began with Schiavello in 1995 as a Contract Administrator in the Victorian Furniture division, where he progressed to become a Contract Manager Team Leader, successfully delivering numerous high profile projects. Stephen’s ethos is built upon the Schiavello core values of Service, Commitment, Integrity and Honesty, with an attitude to achieve results for clients and staff.

Pippa Holmes

Pippa Holmes Director and State Manager – WA Systems

As State Manager of Schiavello’s Western Australian division, Pippa Holmes is charged with advancing Schiavello’s commitment to creating thoughtful design solutions and driving maximum value for our clients. With 19 years of experience in the interior construction industry, Pippa leads a dedicated team of Business Development and Project and Service Personnel to deliver considered, cost efficient, timely solutions. She has managed a wide range of high profile projects for Schiavello, from small to multi-million dollar fit outs.

Daron Johnson

Daron Johnson Director – Senior Construction Manager

Daron Johnson is a Construction Manager for Schiavello’s Victorian Construction division. With more than 35 years of experience in the construction and commercial building industries, he has completed a vast range of projects from small to $60 million plus in value. During his 30 years with Schiavello, his objective has remained clear; to complete every project on time, on budget, to the highest standard of quality, and with complete client satisfaction.

Rob De Marco

Robert De Marco Signage Solutions - Contract/Project Manager

Robert De Marco is Contract Manager at Schiavello Signage Solutions. With more than 18 years of experience in design, paired with a deep knowledge of manufacturing, Robert helps clients turn ideas into three dimensional reality without compromising design intent. Rob leads a team of talented project managers and designers to deliver solutions for complex architectural signage programs, at a level of quality that has driven the team’s strong reputation since the beginning.

Schiavello Subsidiaries

Suzie Dyson

Suzie Dyson General Manager - Omvivo

With more than 17 years of management experience in the bathroom design industry, and over 10 of these with Schiavello subsidiary Omvivo, General Manager Suzie Dyson has extensive expertise in design, manufacturing, sales and marketing and of course bathrooms. Suzie oversees the Omvivo team of professionals in product design and development, production, retail and project sales, marketing and brand management, distribution and customer care. Suzie is passionate about delivering exceptional service, providing value to clients, and building long-term relationships.

Andrew Belurov

Andrew Belurov General Manager/Director - Heritage Glass

Andrew Belurov is General Manager and Director of Schiavello subsidiary Heritage Glass, focused on upholding the company’s commitment to quality and service, and value. With more than 30 years of construction industry experience, Andrew has an established track record of successful site management for a range of major projects. His ability to collaborate effectively with all parties helps ensure client success.

Michael Gleeson

Michael Gleeson General Manager - Glassworks

Michael Gleeson is General Manager of Schiavello subsidiary Glassworks. He has 30 years of experience in the glass industry, with expertise in glass processing, exporting and importing. Under Gleeson’s leadership, Glassworks has established itself as an industry leading glass operation with a wide range of unique product offerings.

Robert Pegoraro

Robert Pegoraro General Manager – Prima Architectural Joinery

Robert Pegoraro is Senior Project Manager for Schiavello subsidiary Prima Architectural Joinery. Rob is dedicated to continuously driving exceptional results for clients, with a high focus on quality, timing, and budget. With an ever expanding customer base, Robert is responsible for ensuring we remain committed to delivering a high level of customer service.

Stuart Darke

Stuart Darke Operations Manager - Eledat

Stuart Darke is Operations Manager for Schiavello subsidiary Eledat, focused on creating value for businesses through electrical data consulting and services. With more than 25 years of construction industry experience, Stuart has extensive knowledge in electrical communications and building automation. Stuart is committed to Schiavello’s vision that anything is possible, a mantra that drives success for our clients each and every day.

Hatem Saleh

Hatem Saleh Managing Director - Atlantic Group [v]

As Managing Director of hospitality powerhouse Atlantic Group [v], Hatem Saleh is known for his attention to detail and deep knowledge of the food and wine industry. Recognised for his entrepreneurial leadership, Hatem recently received the International Special Events Society (ISES) lifetime achievement award, and the City of Melbourne’s Melbourne Award for his individual contribution to the hospitality landscape across South Wharf, Docklands and Southbank.