Henge Whiteboard

Henge Whiteboard is a mobile, collaborative brainstorming tool. A blank slate for ideas, Henge gives individuals and teams a visual way to organise and communicate thoughts effectively.


  • Free-standing, mobile whiteboard.
  • 1050W x 100-500D x 1900H mm, view all Specifications.
  • Highly portable with four lockable swivel castors and 100mm thickness.
  • Commercially built with multi-panel Colourbond steel core.
  • Product of Australia.
  • 3 year warranty.
Product of Australia

6-8 weeks

Henge’s frameless, lightweight, multi-panel core backed with Colorbond steel means that the board is built to last. Suitable for commercial spaces such as offices, or educational spaces such as schools or libraries, Henge can be written on again and again with no trace of ghosting or stains.

Henge Whiteboard, Parley Table, Palomino Chair and Vertical Garden

Weighing 47kg, Henge allows the user to naturally lean into the board as they write, without it tipping over. This weight, coupled with the frameless multi-panel core and four swivel castors, allows the unit to still be shifted with ease. Designed with practicality in mind, Henge features pivot hinges that allow the board to fold flat at just 100mm wide for transport and storage. With four lockable swivel castors, the whiteboard is effortless to manoeuvre.

Henge Whiteboard and Agile Table

Henge can be used as a standalone whiteboard, or multiple units can be joined together in straight and curved formats to support a variety of workspace scenarios.

Henge Whiteboard Three

ColourLab finishes

Category 1 / Metal Powder Coat

  • Metal Powder Coat Black Black (Satin & Texture)

Henge’s product inspiration was to create a superior, high quality whiteboard. “Whiteboards often don’t last very long because they’re not made for commercial environments. In those kinds of places, you need a board that can be moved around a lot, packed away, pulled out, and leant on. Written marks need to be able to be forgotten and then wiped off the next day, or three days later, and still wipe off clean,” says Anton Schiavello.

Henge’s whiteboard material is comprised an innovative and lesser-used ceramic coated steel, which allows the board to still be magnetic but with a high gloss finish. This material is suited to commercial and high performance spaces, maintaining its original quality use after use.

During the design process, and after rigorous testing, Schiavello emerged with a board that weighed 47kg – a weight that allows the user to naturally lean on the board as they write without it tipping over, yet a weight that also keeps it easily movable.

Designed for high performance spaces such as universities, workspaces, schools and libraries, Henge is built to last.

Henge Whiteboard

The Schiavello Design Studio is made up of a number of talented product designers and engineers. The studio has been the driving force behind a number of Schiavello’s most successful designs, including Krossi in 2013, the first Australian made and designed sit-stand desk, and the pioneering Climate workplace system in 2010, still one of the most malleable products of its kind.

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