Pixel Seating

Bene’s Pixel is flexible and unfussy – helping to create spaces that provide freedom and naturally complement day-to-day life. These ingenious little boxes can be put together to make various different pieces of furniture. Whether it's a table, storage unit, seating area or all three at once – Pixel always plays along.

Pixel seating is comprised of boxes made of unprocessed pine plywood that can be put together quickly and flexibly to create a wide variety of furniture. Pixel is so much more than just a box, it is a building block that can be easily transformed into a table, a bench, a stool, or even a rostrum with just a few manoeuvres, opening up new possibilities for collaborative work.

Pixel Seating workspace


  • Building block boxes that transform into seating, tables and more.
  • Basic box: 260W x 280H mm, view all Specifications.
  • Available in open, closed and with trays in various configurations.
  • Made of 11mm thick unprocessed pine plywood.
  • Designed and manufactured in Austria.
  • 3 year warranty.

8-12 weeks