Nooxs Partitioning

Intelligent partitioning and great acoustics are crucial factors in creating a productive environment in open plan offices. Nooxs by Bene offers a flexible and modular option for creating functional places in these spaces without the need of costly fixed wall components that restrict movement and contradict the qualities of open plan.

The freestanding room-in-room system with integrated ventilation and lighting creates temporary private zones in open spaces. While glazed elements convey an atmosphere of lightness, curtains and blinds offer optional privacy if desired. Options for use are varied, including use as a meeting room, stand-up meeting space, business box or phone booth – anything is possible.

Nooxs Think Tank and Timba Table

Nooxs Wall is a highly versatile building block consisting of wall elements in four widths and two heights, available in melamine, veneer, fabric, or with a varnished surface. The wall elements have a special acoustic design feature that reduces noise levels in a open space layout. The wall elements are easy to plan and can be used to form a wide variety of architectural spaces with low assembly requirements.



  • Non-fixed, free-standing solid wall partitions.
  • 1600-1200W x 100D x 1600-2500H mm, view all Specifications.
  • Easily install, dismantle and reassemble in many different configurations.
  • Interior technical unit seamlessly enables cabling and connection plug boards.
  • Projection screen and whiteboard optional.
  • 10 year warranty.

8-12 weeks