Travel around the world at Lonely Planet’s Melbourne HQ

Interior design by Siren Design  /  Photography by Tom Blachford

Lonely Planet, the world’s leading travel media company, has taken up residency at the heritage-listed ‘The Malt Store’ in Carlton, Melbourne – a space that manifests a sense of travel and adventure.

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Lonely Planet hero

An immersive experience facilitated by Marina, Krossi and Centric

Taking inspiration from Lonely Planet’s belief that “the thrill of discovery can be found almost everywhere,” Siren Design, the interior designers behind the project, combined the notion of travel and adventure with the built environment whilst promoting maximum connectivity, efficiency and equitability amongst staff.

The journey-centred concept begins with an arrivals and departures lobby, before an around-the-world adventure takes staff and visitors to destination zones spanning the tropical jungles of Borneo to the glacial landscapes of Iceland. In addition, there are breakout spaces inspired by Melbourne’s café laneway culture, a library, and a retail store, which is open to the general public.

Detailed in both design and execution, each space fosters an immersive and inspirational experience. One can have a meeting in ‘Morocco’ with custom Schiavello Marina Meeting Tables, or travel next door to ‘Iceland’, where tables are finished in frosty white Baresque light blocks.

The fitout’s open plan workstation spaces are reflective of New York, with Krossi Workstations powder coated in yellow as a nod to Big Apple taxis. Additionally, Schiavello’s Centric Workstations have been included to support future growth.

Lonely Planet Krossi Workstation
Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet

Reflecting Lonely Planet’s values

The design is also driven by sustainability. Reclaimed and recycled materials feature heavily throughout. Meanwhile, in the boardrooms, Marina Fold Tables have been customised with timber, inspired by the traditional architecture of the Edo period in Japan.

Of the new HQ workspace, Lonely Planet CEO Daniel Houghton says, “We are excited that our team in Australia, who is so pivotal to many aspects of Lonely Planet’s business, has a workspace that allows effective and enjoyable working, and reflects our brand heritage and passion for travel.”

Lonely Planet