Marina Table

A modern and refined aesthetic, Marina was designed as the shift towards contemporary design swept the workplace industry. It's elegant legs form a beautifully refined frame that can support a range of tabletops for an sophisticated, freestanding and multi-purpose table.


  • Multi-purpose meeting or work table with statement elegant legs.
  • 8 table top shapes available in, with or without castors.
  • Linear desk: 1200-2400W x 750-800D x 720H.
  • Available in natural timber veneer, timber paint or laminate.
  • Product of Australia.
  • 5 year warranty.
Product of Australia

6-8 weeks

Marina’s refined elegance can be applied to executive offices, reception areas or the home with a flexible array of tabletops, including natural timber veneer or laminate. It is also available in various shapes and sizes to cater to any fitout.

Marina Table Tab 1

Boasting the utmost flexibility, Marina brings elegance to the home, education facilities, hospitality precincts, or breakout and meeting areas within the workspace. It is equally suitable as a meeting table, a boardroom table, a dining table or a work table. With a sophisticated and light profile, the table takes up minimal visual space and adds an element of architectural design to an interior.

Marina Table Tab 2

With an adjustable workstation option as well as the table, Marina offers an elegant and refined aesthetic that can be continued across a fitout. The collection suits a variety of settings, including meeting spaces in the office, workstations, dining settings in the home, or study spaces in educational precincts, allowing for a uniform furniture collection across an entire interior.

Marina Table Detail

ColourLab finishes

Category 1 / Metal Powder Coat

  • Metal Powder Coat Black Black (Satin & Texture)
  • Metal Powder Coat Parchment Parchment (Texture)
  • Metal Powder Coat Obsidian Glass Obsidian Glass (Texture)
  • Strata (Satin & Texture) Strata (Satin & Texture)

Category 2 / Metal Powder Coat

  • Metal Powder Coat Parchment Parchment (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Obsidian Glass Obsidian Glass (Texture)
  • Metal Powder Coat Cement Grey Cement Grey (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Emerald Green Emerald Green (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Fir Green Fir Green (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Gentian Blue Gentian Blue (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Grey Beige Grey Beige (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Orange Brown Orange Brown (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Oxide Red Oxide Red (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Pale Green Pale Green (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Silk Grey (Satin) Silk Grey (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Steel Blue Steel Blue (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Signal Brown Signal Brown (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Ash Ash (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Blush Blush (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Stone Grey Stone Grey (Satin)

Category 3 / Metal Powder Coat

  • Metal Powder Coat Colza Yellow Colza Yellow (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Ruby Red Ruby Red (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Sulfur Yellow Sulfur Yellow (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Traffic Red Traffic Red (Satin)

Category 1 / Laminate

  • laminate-solid-white White
  • laminate-solid-parchment Parchment
  • laminate-solid-polar-white Polar White

Category 2 / Laminate

  • black laminate Black
  • Laminate Cinder Cinder
  • laminate-solid-oyster-grey Oyster Grey
  • laminate-solid-stone-grey Stone Grey

Category 3 / Laminate

  • laminate-woodgrain-bottega-oak Bottega Oak
  • Laminate Nordic Oak Nordic Oak
  • Laminate Notaio Walnut Notaio Walnut

Spotless Laminate

  • Spotless Laminate Black Black
  • Magma Magma
  • Spotless Laminate Pewter Pewter
  • Spotless Laminate White White

Timber Natural

  • timber-species-oak Oak
  • timber-natural-applied-finish-limewood Limewood
  • timber-natural-applied-finish-walnut-biancato Walnut Biancato
  • timber-natural-applied-finish-walnut-milano Walnut Milano

Timber Paint

  • Paint Ash Ash
  • Paint Black Black
  • Paint Blush Blush
  • Paint Cement Grey Cement Grey
  • Paint Colza Yellow Colza Yellow
  • Paint Emerald Green Emerald Green
  • Paint Fir Green Fir Green
  • Paint Gentian Blue Gentian Blue
  • Paint Grey Beige Grey Beige
  • Paint Obsidian Glass Obsidian Glass
  • Paint Orange Brown Orange Brown
  • Paint Oxide Red Oxide Red
  • Paint Pale Green Pale Green
  • Paint Parchment Parchment
  • Paint Ruby Red Ruby Red
  • Paint Signal Brown Signal Brown
  • Paint Silk Grey Silk Grey
  • Paint Steel Blue Steel Blue
  • Paint Stone Grey Stone Grey
  • Paint Strata Strata
  • Paint Sulfur Yellow Sulfur Yellow
  • Paint Traffic Red Traffic Red

Timber Wash

  • Wash Ash Ash
  • Wash Black Black
  • Wash Blush Blush
  • Timber Wash Cement Grey Cement Grey
  • timber-wash-colza-yellow Colza Yellow
  • timber-wash-emerald-green Emerald Green
  • timber-wash-fir-green Fir Green
  • timber-wash-gentian-blue Gentian Blue
  • timber-wash-grey-beige Grey Beige
  • timber-wash-obsidian-glass Obsidian Glass
  • timber-wash-orange-brown Orange Brown
  • timber-wash-oxide-red Oxide Red
  • timber-wash-pale-green Pale Green
  • timber-wash-parchment Parchment
  • timber-wash-ruby-red Ruby Red
  • timber-wash-signal-brown Signal Brown
  • timber-wash-silk-grey Silk Grey
  • timber-wash-steel-blue Steel Blue
  • timber-wash-stone-grey Stone Grey
  • timber-wash-strata Strata
  • timber-wash-sulfur-yellow Sulfur Yellow
  • timber-wash-traffic-red Traffic Red


  • Plywood Plywood

Marina was designed by Schiavello’s founder, Tony Schiavello, in late 2007. “The inspiration was simply to design a beautiful leg,” explains Tony Schiavello. “I spent quite some time designing and detailing it – it was about creating a lightweight, neatly formed leg aesthetic that used minimal materials – something that could cover the whole range of worktables, meeting tables and fold tables.”

The modern and refined aesthetic of Marina was an early recognition of the shift in workplace aesthetics towards contemporary design within the workplace. The resulting Marina range features a workstation, available in 90° or 120° configurations and with cable reticulation. Boardroom and meeting tables are also available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The elegance and flexibility of the leg is also suitable in living spaces, with it even being used as Tony’s formal dining table in his home.

Such an array of designs makes Marina a highly versatile table across workplace, dining and education spaces – as executive desking, freestanding meeting and boardroom tables, and training and reception tables.

Marina Table Square

Tony Schiavello is the Founder, Governing Director and Executive Chairman of Schiavello Group. A furniture maker by trade, he migrated to Australia from Italy in the 1950s, bringing with him the tenacity and can-do attitude that drove him to set up a business providing interior fitout and the supply and install of partitions to Australian businesses. Over 50 years since the company’s founding, Tony has continued to build an international business driven by the principles of innovation, quality and service excellence.

Tony Schiavello