Krossi Workstation

Supporting natural movement in the workplace, Krossi sit-stand workstation delivers complete height-adjustability with the press of a button. Whether accommodating the diverse working styles of one user or many in a shared work environment, Krossi delivers ergonomic comfort  – and the many health and wellbeing that come along with it.



  • Premium sit to stand workstation with electric adjustable height.
  • 1500-2400W x 700-800Dmm, view all Specifications.
  • Electric height range: 620-1220mmH.
  • Linear, L-Shape and 120 degree configuration available.
  • Product of Australia.
  • 5 year warranty.
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6-8 weeks

Krossi’s intuitive adjustments promotes movement at work, which ergonomists agree improves health and wellbeing. Empowering users to shift between sitting and standing, Krossi’s height adjustability system comes in two options: hand crank or electric motor. With the electric system, height setting is displayed on a LCD screen – boasting memory capability to store up to four preferred height variations for user’s convenience.


Some companies are choosing to condense their real estate footprint, to control costs and recieve the benefits of collaboration. With the grid layout of traditional benching, however, people often find themselves seated directly across from each other. Eye contact and visual interruptions, while seemingly innocent, can significantly impact productivity and focus. Krossi delivers high density needs associated with benching, as well as addresses many of the things workers would like to change about benching, including minimising distractions and promoting postural change.

Krossi has a minimum understructure, allowing plenty of legroom. Power, cables, and cords travel neatly through a central spine and trough underneath the work surface so they’re easily accessible but out of sight for a visually quiet aesthetic. Accessories such as monitor arms, panels, privacy screens and above desk storage easily integrate into Krossi’s worktop.


Available in rectilinear, 120° and 90° clustered workstations, Krossi can be designed to suit a universe of workspaces, private offices, collaborative spaces and meeting areas. Unique to the system, Krossi supports both fixed height and height adjustability within a single cluster, providing flexibility of either choice.


Work from home, the right way.

Creating an effective workspace at home doesn’t necessarily mean you need a dedicated room. Schiavello’s hand-picked range of furniture will help you create a comfortable, productive work environment, with solutions delivered to your doorstep in 7-14 working days. Corporate packages available.

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ColourLab finishes

Category 1 / Metal Powder Coat

  • Metal Powder Coat Black Black (Satin & Texture)
  • Metal Powder Coat Parchment Parchment (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Obsidian Glass Obsidian Glass (Texture)
  • Strata (Satin & Texture) Strata (Satin & Texture)

Category 2 / Metal Powder Coat

  • Metal Powder Coat Parchment Parchment (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Obsidian Glass Obsidian Glass (Texture)
  • Metal Powder Coat Cement Grey Cement Grey (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Emerald Green Emerald Green (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Fir Green Fir Green (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Gentian Blue Gentian Blue (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Grey Beige Grey Beige (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Orange Brown Orange Brown (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Oxide Red Oxide Red (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Pale Green Pale Green (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Silk Grey (Satin) Silk Grey (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Steel Blue Steel Blue (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Signal Brown Signal Brown (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Ash Ash (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Blush Blush (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Stone Grey Stone Grey (Satin)

Category 3 / Metal Powder Coat

  • Metal Powder Coat Colza Yellow Colza Yellow (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Ruby Red Ruby Red (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Sulfur Yellow Sulfur Yellow (Satin)
  • Metal Powder Coat Traffic Red Traffic Red (Satin)

Category 1 / Laminate

  • laminate-solid-white White
  • laminate-solid-parchment Parchment
  • laminate-solid-polar-white Polar White

Category 2 / Laminate

  • black laminate Black
  • Laminate Cinder Cinder
  • laminate-solid-oyster-grey Oyster Grey
  • laminate-solid-stone-grey Stone Grey

Category 3 / Laminate

  • laminate-woodgrain-bottega-oak Bottega Oak
  • Laminate Nordic Oak Nordic Oak
  • Laminate Notaio Walnut Notaio Walnut

Spotless Laminate

  • Spotless Laminate Black Black
  • Magma Magma
  • Spotless Laminate Pewter Pewter
  • Spotless Laminate White White

Timber Natural

  • timber-species-oak Oak
  • timber-natural-applied-finish-limewood Limewood
  • timber-natural-applied-finish-walnut-biancato Walnut Biancato
  • timber-natural-applied-finish-walnut-milano Walnut Milano

Timber Paint

  • Paint Ash Ash
  • Paint Black Black
  • Paint Blush Blush
  • Paint Cement Grey Cement Grey
  • Paint Colza Yellow Colza Yellow
  • Paint Emerald Green Emerald Green
  • Paint Fir Green Fir Green
  • Paint Gentian Blue Gentian Blue
  • Paint Grey Beige Grey Beige
  • Paint Obsidian Glass Obsidian Glass
  • Paint Orange Brown Orange Brown
  • Paint Oxide Red Oxide Red
  • Paint Pale Green Pale Green
  • Paint Parchment Parchment
  • Paint Ruby Red Ruby Red
  • Paint Signal Brown Signal Brown
  • Paint Silk Grey Silk Grey
  • Paint Steel Blue Steel Blue
  • Paint Stone Grey Stone Grey
  • Paint Strata Strata
  • Paint Sulfur Yellow Sulfur Yellow
  • Paint Traffic Red Traffic Red

Timber Wash

  • Wash Ash Ash
  • Wash Black Black
  • Wash Blush Blush
  • Timber Wash Cement Grey Cement Grey
  • timber-wash-colza-yellow Colza Yellow
  • timber-wash-emerald-green Emerald Green
  • timber-wash-fir-green Fir Green
  • timber-wash-gentian-blue Gentian Blue
  • timber-wash-grey-beige Grey Beige
  • timber-wash-obsidian-glass Obsidian Glass
  • timber-wash-orange-brown Orange Brown
  • timber-wash-oxide-red Oxide Red
  • timber-wash-pale-green Pale Green
  • timber-wash-parchment Parchment
  • timber-wash-ruby-red Ruby Red
  • timber-wash-signal-brown Signal Brown
  • timber-wash-silk-grey Silk Grey
  • timber-wash-steel-blue Steel Blue
  • timber-wash-stone-grey Stone Grey
  • timber-wash-strata Strata
  • timber-wash-sulfur-yellow Sulfur Yellow
  • timber-wash-traffic-red Traffic Red


  • Plywood Plywood

Today office work requires more time in front of a computer and a much lower amount of physical activity. The average worker spends 80 per cent of their work hours sitting, and it is estimated that people spend on average a total of nine years seated over the course of their working life. This impacts health, happiness and productivity.

In response to this, Schiavello set out to develop Krossi, the first Australian designed and manufactured sit/stand workstation. In 2008, Peter Schiavello began developing the workstation based on flexible working postures and human-centred design. Creating a new level of choice in shared environments, Krossi was designed to improve benching and wellbeing in the workplace. The collection has expanded to smaller occasional tables and meeting tables.


The Schiavello Design Studio is made up of a number of talented product designers and engineers. The studio has been the driving force behind a number of Schiavello’s most successful designs, including Krossi in 2013, the first Australian made and designed sit-stand desk, and the pioneering Climate workplace system in 2010, still one of the most malleable products of its kind.

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