An office that looks nothing like an office: WT Partnership

Interior design by PDM

When WT Partnership relocated behind the bustling Barangaroo precinct in Sydney, the international, award-winning cost management and consultancy firm wanted to be closer to clients. The company also wanted to challenge its current working culture by creating an office that looked nothing like an office.

WT Partnership hero

Undulating Krossi workstations
encourage interaction

Already receiving critical acclaim globally, the Five-Star Green Star workplace, crafted by PDM International, is a mountainous landscape that combines biophilic design with activity-based working ideologies.

A strategic briefing process identified 12 guiding principles for the blueprint such as fostering WT’s ‘one family’ vision and creating an interconnected environment that encourages interaction and knowledge sharing.

The result is a rainforest-inspired space led by an undulating ribbon of unassigned workstations. The continuous desk weaves through a variety of agile environments such as the central innovation hub, cocooned privacy sanctuaries, the oceanic social hub, and media bars, which feature Humanscale Liberty Mesh Bar Stools.

The continuous desk is comprised of bespoke joinery and nodes of customised Krossi Workstations featuring recycled timber tops. The workstations are Australian made, and with green credentials and bespoke cable management, leaving literally only one cable exposed at each work point. “Fully resolved cable management is increasingly important in agile environments where people demand ‘plug and play’ solutions. The result devised in collaboration with Schiavello was intuitive and clean,” says Michelle Viret,
Associate Director, PDM International.

Encouraging movement also important to improving staff health and wellbeing, and as such, a proportion of WT Partnership’s desks are height adjustable. Furthermore, the inclusion of custom planter boxes, manufactured by Schiavello, support the idea to connect nature with man-made environments.

WT Partnership Foyer

An office representative of the future

“We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to the new workplace, which represents our innovative future. It encapsulates our values and provides an agile space that encourages openness, trust and a sense of belonging,” says Gary Mayor, WT Partnership Associate.

WT Partnership edge Portrait
WT Partnership