The power of NEXUS: harnessing technology to transform workspaces

As leaders in furniture design, optimisation and ergonomic support, Schiavello’s decades of experience have allowed us to gain a deep understanding of the needs of the modern workspace. We believe these spaces should offer a frictionless transition between work modes, enhancing not only the productivity and effectiveness of an organisation, but the employee experience too.

With an increasing focus on the role technology plays in the modern workplace, Schiavello has developed a new range of tech-integrated workplace solutions, NEXUS, in partnership with Nura Space. A workplace management software platform designed to support, understand and optimise workspaces, Nura Space leverages technology, data and behavioural science to allow employers and their teams to curate a workplace experience centred on wellbeing, safety and efficiency, all via a smart phone app or desktop.

Workplace Metrics

As a range, NEXUS is about bringing together people and spaces, creating a seamless experience for employees and businesses alike. At its simplest, it’s workplace furniture powered by Nura Space.

As workplace specialists developing technology, the features of the NEXUS range and the Nura Space platform are informed first and foremost by workplace needs, rather than tech capabilities. Working with Schiavello means an almost completely vertically integrated solution, with both the physical furniture and the business management software all developed and supplied by the one brand, as well as in-house customer support.

What does the NEXUS product range include?

Our forward-thinking, tech-enabled solutions bring seamless, smart integration into any space across a host of product categories including workstations, storage and meeting rooms:

Krossi NX and Arch NX - workstations powered by our new WiFi-enabled desk-height controller that allows team members to book, check-in and select from personalised desk heights.

Automations also provide time and cost savings for businesses, with workstations able to be reset at a chosen time once no longer in use, removing the need for facilities staff to return to sitting height each day.


Storage NX - with joinery manufactured by Schiavello, locker hardware provided by Vecos and software integration with the Nura Space platform, this turn-key solution means users can remotely book, release or open a locker from their phone or desktop.

Locker usage is optimised through real-time booking data and the ability to retrofit with existing storage solutions, delivering a more flexible and sustainable approach to workplace storage.


FQR NX - further enhancing the Focus Quiet Room collection, FQR NX offers a WiFi-enabled meeting room booking panel that is integrated with the Nura Space platform. Users can book and check-in to meetings via the panel directly, as well as view upcoming room bookings.

The booking panel is currently available across the Focus Quiet Meeting Room, Work Room and Duo Work Room.

FQR NX Booking Panel
FQR NX Booking

Who has the NEXUS range been designed for?

The benefits of NEXUS extend vertically throughout a business, from employees as end users to facilities managers, middle management and C-suite/business leaders.

Employees: are given a ‘tailored choice’ experience, with the ability to book, check-in and access physical workplace assets such as desks, storage and meeting spaces via one smart phone app or desktop. Live, interactive floorplans make it easy to view bookable assets, as well as enjoy smart features such as automatically being assigned the closest locker when booked alongside a desk.  Follow Me Ergonomics allow for pre-set desk heights to ‘follow’ a user within the app, providing a consistent ergonomic experience wherever they work, while synchronisation across the wider tech ecosystem ensures meetings booked via the platform will flow through to Microsoft Office calendars.

Nura App Screen
Nura 3x apps

Managers: utilising the Nura Space platform can maintain a connected workforce, even when hybrid working. Managers can book and manage personalised team zones for ‘in-office’ workdays and can even use the platform as a tool to onboard new-starters.

Facilities staff: a little-known cost to implementing sit-stand desks is the ‘re-setting’ required to return them to sitting height each evening. Usually undertaken desk-by-desk by facilities staff, innovative automations across the NEXUS workstation range can reduce this. Desks can be reset to a pre-determined height at a chosen time, while programming can also be used to indicate which desks have been checked into each day, assisting with maximising cleaning time.

Automations with app

Business leaders and owners: understanding the importance of workplace data collection came to the fore post-COVID, at a time when organisations were preparing to welcome employees back to the workplace in a COVID-safe way. In the years since, a number of businesses have adopted hybrid-working models and are seeking to understand how their people want and need to utilise the office space. NEXUS allows business leaders to access utilisation data in real-time, providing a single touchpoint to measure analytics across desks, storage and meeting room spaces. This real-time data is generally far richer due to the 24/7 Wi-Fi connectivity of the assets and helps to meet optimal occupancy levels (avoiding both empty and overcrowded workplaces). Occupancy levels are integral in building team culture, ensuring team members are given adequate space and opportunity to connect across both work and social occasions. NEXUS also helps to deliver a more advanced working environment for both existing and new team members, 'de-apping' the workspace to reduce confusion and providing one destination for activities and data.

Nura Space viewed on MacBook

How do I learn more?

Visit our Technology section for more information on the NEXUS product range. If you’d like to enquire about how NEXUS can help future-proof your workplace, please reach out to your Schiavello representative or via Contact Us page.