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The WiFi-enabled desk-height controller integrates with the Nura Space platform, allowing users to book, check-in and select from personalised desk heights. Creating a NEXUS between people and spaces, the controller ensures a seamless and consistent set up from wherever team members work. Innovative automations also have the potential to maximise cleaning time and reduce facilities management costs. Currently available across leading height adjustable workstations Arch and Krossi.


  • WiFi-enabled desk-height controller
  • Available for Arch and Krossi workstation ranges
  • Integrates with Nura Space workplace management software for seamless user experience
  • Users can select and save personalised pre-set desk heights via app
  • Automations help to reduce facilities management costs
  • Backed by enterprise level security
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Upon checking into a desk, users can select from their personalised pre-set desk heights via the app or controller directly, providing a consistent ergonomic experience no matter which desk they are working from. WiFi connectivity means the desk is online 24/7, enabling users to book and set up a desk remotely, unlike Bluetooth based solutions.

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A little-known cost to implementing sit-stand desks is the ‘re-setting’ required to return them to sitting height each evening. Usually undertaken desk-by-desk by a company’s facilities staff, the new desk-height controller can help to reduce this cost with its innovative automations. Desks can be reset to a pre-determined height at a chosen time, once no longer in use. Programming can also be used to indicate which desks have been booked and checked into each day, assisting with maximising cleaning time, quality of work and providing the opportunity for cost reduction.


The Nura Space platform provides a single touchpoint to monitor behaviour analytics and measure workplace and desk utilisation, with the ability to generate comparative reports for more informed decision making. This real time data is far richer due to the 24/7 connectivity of the desk.

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As industry experts on workplace innovations, this technology was developed specifically for Schiavello Furniture by Nura Space (technology partner within Schiavello Group). With the end user experience at the heart of everything we do, our fully integrated service offering includes access to a range of support services and no hidden fees. Our desk-height controller is backed by enterprise level security, covering the entire product life cycle from production through to end-of-life disposal.

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At Schiavello, we have long understood the importance of ergonomics at an employee’s primary work point (their desk). The adoption of height-adjustable workstations over the past decade has gone a long way to address this need, however as workplace trends continue to shift, with the rise in Activity Based Working and more recently Hybrid Working, this earlier ergonomic gain has been diminished. Employees are now often sitting at different desks each day, losing their ability to access saved pre-set desk heights and movement reminders each day.

Developed for Schiavello Furniture by Nura Space (technology partner within Schiavello Group), the WiFi-enabled desk height controller is currently available across the Arch and Krossi Workstation range.

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Schiavello is creating a NEXUS between people and spaces. It’s workplace furniture powered by Nura Space.

Nura Space is a Workplace Management Software platform designed to easily understand and optimise workspaces of the future, allowing employers and their teams to curate a workplace experience centred on wellbeing, safety and efficiency.

More than ever before, our industry understands the value of data and making data-informed decisions for their people and business. With Nura Space’s smart phone app and web dashboard, this flexible digital platform will help organisations to understand how spaces are used by managing workplace utilisation and behaviours.

As our technology business, Nura Space echoes Schiavello’s focus on enhancing the employee experience and improving workspace optimisation and business effectiveness. Nura Space can support our clients in gaining knowledge and insights to then drive the right workplace solution decisions.

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