A client experience like no other: PwC

Interior design by Futurespace and EGO Group  /  Photography by Nicole England

PwC has created a client experience unlike any other in Australia at their offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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PwC Blom Chair landcape

The client experience –
Melbourne and Sydney

The professional services firm has thrown out the formalities and amalgamated the worlds of boutique hotels, airlines and hospitality, packaging them up with first-class technology to create a client experience entrenched in collaboration.

The Sydney office, designed by Futurespace, features four levels that are dedicated to working with clients. Meanwhile in Melbourne, there are five. Clients enter to formal surroundings and as levels descend, the atmosphere becomes more open and relaxed, both physically and in the ways of working. What starts with closed meeting spaces and a café lounge area, three floors down evolves into a Lego room, music room and conversation pit.

PwC Bene Timba Table
PwC Portrait Lockers
PwC Kase Storage

Henge for ideas; Kush for relaxation

At the front line of each open and collaborative space is a range of furniture settings, each with its own unique co-creation encouraging attributes. Schiavello’s highly mobile Henge Whiteboards offer a dashboard for idea generation, Kush Cushions offer a playful retreat, and standing-height Bene Timba tables are at the centre of tech zones and a graphics shop front.

Technology is embedded at every turn, from motion-sensitive interactive screens to a self check-in app and digital waterfalls that cascade down four floors.

Sparked by Gavin Harris, and in collaboration with Schiavello, a number of new products were developed specifically for the project including the Agile Wall whiteboard, the Power Tower recharge station, and a freestanding booking station, called the Space Identification Panel (SIP) unit.

PwC Agile Wall
PwC Kush