Kush Ottoman

A playful collection of tailored, oversized ottomans with moveable backrest bolsters, Kush is inspired by pebbles, which evokes easy living with a sense of sanctuary. Tactile and textual, Kush’s laid-back flexibility offers respite in living areas and informal work settings.

Available in leather, fabric and a range of colours from the Schiavello ColourLab palette, Kush can be designed to suit a variety of interiors, including office breakout areas, cafés, libraries, or living spaces.


While Kush ottomans can be large in size – up to 1500mm wide – they are light and filled with foam, feather and fibre, making them easy to move around and rearrange.


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ColourLab finishes

Category 1 / Primo

  • Primo Black Primo Black

Category 2 / Casa

  • Leather Casa Alluvial Casa Alluvial
  • Leather Casa Avalanche Casa Avalanche
  • Leather Casa Birch Casa Birch
  • Leather Casa Bohemian Casa Bohemian
  • Leather Casa Cauldron Casa Cauldron
  • Leather Casa Cayenne Casa Cayenne
  • Leather Casa Forest Casa Forest
  • Leather Casa Laguna Casa Laguna
  • Leather Casa Nero Casa Nero
  • Leather Casa Prosecco Casa Prosecco

Category 3 / Panorama

  • Leather Panorama Dusty Panorama Dusty
  • Leather Panorama Arcacia Panorama Arcacia
  • Leather Panorama Blackswan Panorama Blackswan
  • Leather Panorama Bluechip Panorama Bluechip
  • Leather Panorama Chutney Panorama Chutney
  • Leather Panorama Leaflitter Panorama Leaflitter
  • Leather Panorama Silverfish Panorama Silverfish
  • Leather Panorama Spearmint Panorama Spearmint
  • Leather Panorama Squash Panorama Squash
  • Leather Panorama Suntan Panorama Suntan
  • Leather Panorama Tapestry Panorama Tapestry
  • Leather Panorama Veil Panorama Veil
  • Leather Panorama Zinc Panorama Zinc

Category 4 / Ascona

  • Leather Ascona Dryleaf Ascona Dryleaf
  • Leather Ascona Caribou Ascona Caribou
  • Leather Ascona Cherry Ascona Cherry
  • Leather Ascona Dreamtime Ascona Dreamtime
  • Leather Ascona Ebony Ascona Ebony
  • Leather Ascona Hurricane Ascona Hurricane
  • Leather Ascona Ivory Ascona Ivory
  • Leather Ascona Rogue Ascona Rogue
  • Leather Ascona Tapas Ascona Tapas
  • Leather Ascona Tobacco Ascona Tobacco
  • Leather Ascona Zanzibar Ascona Zanzibar

Category 4 / Savannah

  • Leather Savannah Fog Savannah Fog
  • Leather Savannah Mondo Savannah Mondo
  • Leather Savannah Oyster Savannah Oyster
  • Leather Savannah Pepper Savannah Pepper
  • Leather Savannah Pompeii Savannah Pompeii
  • Leather Savannah Teal Savannah Teal
  • Leather Savannah Cedar Savannah Cedar
  • Leather Savannah Jarrah Savannah Jarrah
  • Leather Savannah Merlot Savannah Merlot
  • Leather Savannah Uluru Savannah Uluru

Category 3 / Maple

  • fabric-C3-maple-112 Maple 112
  • fabric-C3-maple-132 Maple 132
  • fabric-C3-maple-142 Maple 142
  • fabric-C3-maple-192 Maple 192
  • fabric-C3-maple-212 Maple 212
  • fabric-C3-maple-222 Maple 222
  • fabric-C3-maple-332 Maple 332
  • fabric-C3-maple-562 Maple 562
  • fabric-C3-maple-662 Maple 662
  • fabric-C3-maple-722 Maple 722
  • fabric-C3-maple-832 Maple 832

Category 4 / Steelcut Trio 3

  • fabric-C4-steelcut-trio-3-105 Steelcut Trio 3 105
  • fabric-C4-steelcut-trio-3-195 Steelcut Trio 3 195
  • fabric-C4-steelcut-trio-3-205 Steelcut Trio 3 205
  • fabric-C4-steelcut-trio-3-213 Steelcut Trio 3 213
  • fabric-C4-steelcut-trio-3-236 Steelcut Trio 3 236
  • fabric-C4-steelcut-trio-3-446 Steelcut Trio 3 446
  • fabric-C4-steelcut-trio-3-453 Steelcut Trio 3 453
  • fabric-C4-steelcut-trio-3-476 Steelcut Trio 3 476
  • fabric-C4-steelcut-trio-3-515 Steelcut Trio 3 515
  • fabric-C4-steelcut-trio-3-526 Steelcut Trio 3 526
  • fabric-C4-steelcut-trio-3-533 Steelcut Trio 3 533
  • fabric-C4-steelcut-trio-3-576 Steelcut Trio 3 576
  • fabric-C4-steelcut-trio-3-636 Steelcut Trio 3 636
  • fabric-C4-steelcut-trio-3-645 Steelcut Trio 3 645
  • fabric-C4-steelcut-trio-3-666 Steelcut Trio 3 666
  • fabric-C4-steelcut-trio-3-966 Steelcut Trio 3 686
  • fabric-C4-steelcut-trio-3-746 Steelcut Trio 3 746
  • fabric-C4-steelcut-trio-3-796 Steelcut Trio 3 796
  • fabric-C4-steelcut-trio-3-906 Steelcut Trio 3 906
  • fabric-C4-steelcut-trio-3-916 Steelcut Trio 3 916
  • fabric-C4-steelcut-trio-3-966 Steelcut Trio 3 966

Recognising the growing trend towards the overlay between home and office settings in 2013, and the increase in workplace lounge and break-out spaces, Schiavello and Ivan Woods developed Kush – a comfortable, tailored, oversized ottoman.

Inspired by the thought of a pebble formation, Kush is organic in shape, materiality and feel. Tactile and textural, the ottomans provide relaxed and comfortable seating suited to living spaces and informal retreat and collaboration zones.


The late Ivan Woods designed interiors and products for over 30 years. His work drew inspiration from his travels and interior architecture training in Perth, Australia. Working across projects within the UK, US, Germany and Italy, Ivan specialised in hotel and workspace design.

Schiavello and Ivan Woods maintained a solid history together. Our collaborative design process, which evolved over a decade, yielded distinctive collections such as Toro Collection in 2011, Palomino Chair in 2014, and both Kayt Village and Bomba Sofa in 2015.

With a strong architectural sensibility and carefully considered geometry, Ivan enriched his designs' emotional qualities in the fine detailing and sense of place. Ivan explained, "Good design is the creation of spaces, experiences and objects, embedded with strong and dynamic emotional connections to the people that use them. This is done through reflecting a sense of place, with a cultural authenticity and aesthetic.”

Designer Ivan Woods