An agile working candy shop: REA Group

Interior design by Futurespace / Photography by Nicole England

REA Group, home to, adopts agile working more than most. Methodologies are incorporated both technologically and architecturally, whereby staff are encouraged to not only ‘stand up’ and communicate in a tactile manner but are also given a plethora of space options to cater for a variety of tasks and individual needs.

This idea was central to the design of REA Group’s new office from inception. Gavin Harris, Design Director of Futurespace, who were responsible for the interior design of the space, says, “We worked with REA Group and together created a fast moving, flowing, visual and flexible workplace. It combines the best of our activity-based working (ABW) expertise and REA Group’s agile development philosophy to deliver an energising, neighbourhood-based working environment that is malleable to people’s needs.”

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REA Cabana green

A space for all kinds of work with Centric desking, Kayt Cabana and Kush

The space is an agile working candy shop with over 400 Centric Workstations fill desk-based work zones, 10% of which provide sit/stand flexibility – a staff health and wellbeing consideration. Vibrant neighbourhoods are energised with the colourful scattering of Kayt Cabanas, which provide options for private focus and or collaboration.

Kush Ottomans fill large, soft-furnished spaces, while the high-performance Liberty Mesh Chair is used throughout. Complementing the agile environment are Krossi Tables, Kayt Tables, custom MDF powder coated storage units and Lettric softwiring with USB charging.

REA Cabana portrait
REA Kush

Exemplifying customisation through the Agile whiteboard

An agile whiteboard concept conceived by Harris (available now as the Agile Wall) was developed by Schiavello to cater for REA Group’s unique visual project management requirements.

“We custom created 70 Agile Walls and utility walls to provide flexible, tactile spaces for REA Group’s tasking and brainstorming,” says Michelle Hyams, Schiavello Design Manager. “They also provide lightweight and malleable barriers for visual privacy and the division of spaces.” The project also saw prototypes being trialled by 48 staff members during a six-month pilot test.

With knowledge, collaboration, connection and creativity being paramount at REA Group, this new physical space supports these objectives and uncovers greater potential for REA and their employees.

REA Agile Wall