Nura Space

Nura Space is a workplace management software designed to intuitively support, understand and optimise workspaces and how people use them. By leveraging a combination of smart technology, data and behavioural science, Nura Space allows employers and their teams to curate a workplace experience centred on wellbeing, safety and efficiency.


  • Software-based booking and analytics platform to optimise workplaces
  • Managed through smart technology, custom app and web dashboard
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, Azure, Office 365, CMS Engage,  Vecos Lockers and XY Sense
  • A cloud-based network communicates from data storage to smart phone
  • Product of Australia
Product of Australia

Whether a desk, locker or meeting room is required, booking is simple. Plus, view live floor plans, release lockers and secure technical support for your meetings, all via the custom app or web portal.

Desk Booking Nura Space

A single touchpoint to monitor all your key workplace usage and sensor metrics, with the ability to generate comparative reports for more informed decision making.

Resource Analytics Nura Space

Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, Azure, Office365, CMS Engage, Vecos Lockers and XY Sense occupancy sensors, allowing for calendar integration, user updates, remote booking and more.

Intergrations Nura Space

Nura Space can be used as a platform to promote healthy behaviours and attitudes in diverse users. Beyond optimising ergonomics, the platform also promotes a range of health and safety best practices, from identifying first aid rooms and emergency exits, to reporting on cleaning cycles.

Nura Space Health and Safety Screen on iPhone

Nura Space was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2017 under the leadership of Anton Schiavello. Through their expertise and experience in the industry, Nura Space forecast a growing need for organisations to incorporate technology in their workspaces as a tool to better understand how to respond to a rapidly changing world. Coupled with a tool to communicate directly to their employees, push surveys, manage virtual teams and much more, these digital elements enable the evolving working environment to work successfully for people and business.

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