Ian Tan

Ian Tan

Design Manager

Ian brings extensive experience and knowledge in project and construction management best practices achieved across Asia Pacific and now Australia. Over two decades, Ian has covered a diverse range of roles including client, consultant, and contractor.

He blends his formal education in structural engineering with his passion for design; resulting in a unique blend of logic and creativity.

Ian utilises his professional skills in leadership and management to deliver from project inception, to design, to procurement, to construction. He also offers feasibility and buildability advice, and strategic support and guidance throughout the project.

Ian is experienced in the design, engineering, and construction of large, complex, and fast-tracked projects across multiple sectors - including workplaces, asset refurbishments, and sustainability upgrades. He has also delivered projects involving major public asset refurbishments with structural modification.

Having worked internationally, Ian brings cultural understanding and sensitivities to all his clients. "It's important to remember that every client and their staff has different cultural values - acknowledging and understanding these factors is what turns a good project into a great project," he says.