During an 18 month overhaul, Schiavello provided way finding and information kiosks throughout the entire complex, truly showcasing their capabilities in the field. From detailed restaurants to entertainment, the diversity and scope of the project encompassed comprehensive interior and exterior signage. Crown Metropol Hotel, West End, River Walk, retail outlets, conference centres and thoroughfares; identity, directional and statutory signage was created to meet each stage of the redevelopment and compliment each unique environment.

With much experience in Las Vegas, Oklahoma based firm Eslick Design Associates, created the way finding design. “The signs should embrace the level of quality Crown conveys to their guests while providing a simple, reliable tool to help navigate the property. It should also support the local culture and reinforce the physical environment”, says Randall Eslick, Director of Eslick Design Associates. In depth knowledge of the site, quality workmanship plus speedy responsiveness with short lead times, allowed Schiavello to confidentially deliver Eslick’s design intent; to embrace each physical environment whilst maintaining a flowing continuity. “The final product from Schiavello looked very good. They provided excellent, professional workmanship and services”, says Mr Eslick.

Locally, Red Design Group carried out the kiosk design; each of the 21 ‘shrouds’ created to house information touch screens which Schiavello then constructed. Individual finishes such as granite, stainless steel, timber veneer, plexiglass, LED strip lighting and fabrics were applied, each uniquely reflecting the sophisticated Crown brand. With only a small window of opportunity to install, pre- manufacturing and close coordination with all stakeholders was required to accommodate the sporadic nature of the program.