• Location

    18 Bridge Road, Pooraka

  • Completed

    April 2019

  • Architect

    Ashley Halliday Architects + Helm Creative

  • Area


  • Type

    Fitout, Refurbishment

  • Delivery Type

    Construction Management

  • Duration

    8 months

  • Value

    $5M - $10M

A modern pub for today’s patrons

Established in the 1960’s and untouched since the 1980’s, Adelaide’s Bridgeway Hotel was in desperate need of a facelift before its new owners engaged our Adelaide construction team to revive the famous venue.

In collaboration with Ashley Halliday Architects and Helm Creative, we were enlisted to revitalise the dated venue, returning it to its glory days. In order to achieve this required the construction of additional structures to unify all spaces, ultimately creating a consistent design language and modernising the pub for today’s patrons.

A staged handover to minimise operational impact

Customers continued to enjoy the venue despite the major refurbishments occurring around them. A staged handover helped with this, ensuring the venue operator did not face any closure during the eight-month construction period.

Working in a live environment, however, did require additional considerations to be factored into the programme.

Maintaining a safe environment for patrons, hotel staff, and contractors was critical to this project. We prioritised continual communication and close coordination with hotel management to mitigate and minimise our impact on the client’s day-to-day operations.

The fully operational venue also underwent an extensive layout change during refurbishment works. Several key areas and existing infrastructure were relocated to enhance the overall layout and improve the customer experience.

The major layout changes involved relocating the kitchen and gaming rooms. The changeover from the existing kitchen to the new location required precise planning to cater to the venue’s operational requirements – particularly during the connection and commissioning of kitchen equipment.

bridgeway hotel adelaide
bridgeway hotel adelaide

Latent conditions

Although several zones were newly constructed, we still faced some challenging site conditions. Works began with an extensive site investigation revealing an unstable fill surrounding the existing structure. As the soil’s load-bearing capacity would not support the new beer garden, our team began the project by bored piling and installing 48 five-metre piles to stabilise the ground.

During the refurbishment phase, latent structural conditions were addressed by installing several support beams in place of the existing internal columns. It was important to the design that the final built space felt open and inviting.

The process of removing all redundant services and replacing them with code compliant ones was a comprehensive process but worth the effort in future-proofing the venue.

bridgeway hotel adelaide

Elevating the hotel’s presence

Bridging Dry Creek is the venue’s new indoor-outdoor beer garden. The cantilevered structure sits on stilt-like columns above the creek, and its robust construction is essential to the long-term viability of the hotel.

With an aim to elevate the hotel’s overall street presence, the beer garden was constructed at the front of the building. The sleek angular structure opens with a black Danpalon and charred timber façade, continuing to a refined interior accented with pops of pastel.

Its completely retractable 18-metre roof ensures the beer garden is awash with natural light during the day and starlit during the night. Housing a monstrous 7-metre-wide screen, the immersive venue provides the ultimate in big screen entertainment.

Punctuated by feature pendant lighting, verdant planter beds, and various dining areas across three levels, the double height beer garden invites patrons to embrace the modern-day pub experience.

hospitality fitout bridgeway hotel adelaide

A contemporary venue for the ultimate customer experience

Within a short eight-month period, our SA team exemplified their ability to bring a client’s vision to life – one that brings together an immersive design while keeping the client’s operational needs front-of-mind.

Our team worked within the budget constraints to bring a distinct contemporary flair to the otherwise dated pub; including design and construct services and buildability advice throughout the project.

Good hospitality venues offer more than good food – it’s also about the built space. The new Bridgeway Hotel is an immersive space that will create a unique customer experience and encourage long-term engagement with the brand.

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